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In Generation {{gen|III}} and {{gen|IV}}, level 100 Pokémon are unable to gain effort values through battle. This is because in these games, effort values are awarded at the same time as [[experience]]; since Pokémon at level 100 don't gain experience, they are also skipped over for effort values. This means that this trick cannot be used to alter a level 100 Pokémon's stats via leveling up; however, this trick can be used to change a level 100 Pokémon's stats by consuming vitamins or stat-reducing Berries.
InFrom [[Generation V]] onward, the trick becameis obsolete. Effort values are applied after battle, and effort values are awarded to level 100 Pokémon. Also, EVs are automatically applied when using [[vitamin]]s and [[wing]]s, so it is unneeded to give EVs to Pokémon who are desired not to gain [[experience]].
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