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Special Abilities (Battrio)

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Introduced on pucks from the ''{{Battrio|Fierce Gale - Thundering Thunderclaps}}'' expansion, V Moves are an additional move Pokémon with a [[File:Battrio icon V.png|18px]] symbol can perform when Great Success is achieved on all three sliders during the Type Battle. On a handful of pucks, this move is a different one from their normal move, but in most cases it is a more powerful version of their normal one, dealing on average 120% damage. Some pucks from the ''{{Battrio|Sacred Sword Gathering}}'' expansion onwards featured two consecutive moves as their V Move. Some {{Battrio|items}} can be bought to slow down the speed on the marker on the sliders to aid players in achieving Great Success, as well as the special ability of some Pokémon when scanned via the {{DL|Spin Attack (Battrio)|special scan}}.
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