Special Abilities (Battrio)

Special Abilities are a mechanic featured in the Pokémon Battrio arcade game, first introduced in the Battrio S upgrade. Support Move was the first special ability to be introduced, appearing on pucks from the Giratina Tremor expansion and indicated by a Battrio icon support.png symbol. Based on moves from the core series, Support Moves do not deal additional damage, but have the potential to inflict a status condition on one of the opponent Pokémon.

Status conditions

Pokémon affected by status conditions will have a symbol above them at the start of a battle phase. A total of five status conditions were present between Battrio S and Battrio 0.

The HP of the opposing team will decrease while any opposing Pokémon move.
All Pokémon on the opposing team will move more slowly than normal.

A Pokémon affected with confusion will move more quickly than normal but in random directions, and is more difficult to select if attacking.
A Pokémon cannot be selected to attack for the turn after it was affected with sleep.

A Pokémon affected with paralysis will move more slowly than normal and cannot pick up any Berries.


The second special ability to be introduced was the Berry ability, appearing on pucks from the Deoxys Assault expansion and indicated by a   symbol. Berries became a gameplay mechanic with the release of the Battrio S upgrade, serving as a means to earn a damage bonus for the attacking Pokémon and to increase the Fervor Gauge, a damage multiplier. The Berry ability caused a Large Berry to randomly drop onto the field, worth approximately four normal Berries. As the development of Pokémon Battrio continued, Berries became more integral to gameplay, eventually becoming essential to attack with the Berry Gauge mechanic introduced in Battrio V. The Battrio V upgrade also introduced two more berries: the Ojama Berry in Black Thunder - White Fire, and the Super Berry in Burning Wings - Cold Fangs, a special ability itself and indicated on pucks by a   symbol.

A regular Berry used to accumulate a Berry Bonus, increase the Fervor Gauge, or increase the Berry Gauge and Team Gauge.
Large Berry
A large Berry worth approximately four normal Berries.
Ojama Berry
Causes Pokémon that pick it up to move more slowly and increases the amount of Berries required to fill the Berry Gauge and Team Gauge for a short period of time.
Super Berry
Causes Pokémon that pick it up to gain a temporary attack and speed boost.
×1 ×1.5 ×2 ×3 ×4
Berry effectiveness
Berry Rarity Effect on Fervor Gauge
Berry Normal ●●●●●●●
Super ●●●●●●
Hyper ●●●●●
Master ●●●●
Large Berry All rarities ●●●●●●●●●●

Leader Abilities

Leader Abilities were introduced on pucks from the Arceus Advent expansion, and are identified by a colored star with 'L' superimposed on it. Only a Pokémon designated as leader after all pucks have been scanned will activate its Leader Ability, regardless of any other pucks in the party that may have them. Leader Abilities can provide bonuses to the team HP, as well as attack, defense, and attack speed to individual party members based on their puck rarity. Leader Abilities were no longer supported with the Battrio V upgrade.

Rarity   HP bonus   Attack bonus   Defense bonus   Attack speed bonus
Normal +80 +25 +20 +►►►►
Super +65 +30 +15 +►►►
Hyper +55 +25 +10 +►►
Master +50 +20 +5 +

V Moves

Introduced on pucks from the Fierce Gale - Thundering Thunderclaps expansion, V Moves are an additional move Pokémon with a   symbol can perform when Great Success is achieved on all three sliders during the Type Battle. On a handful of pucks, this move is a different one from their normal move, but in most cases it is a more powerful version of their normal one, dealing on average 120% damage. Some pucks from the Sacred Sword Gathering expansion onwards featured two consecutive moves as their V Move. Some items can be bought to slow down the speed on the marker on the sliders to aid players in achieving Great Success, as well as the special ability of some Pokémon when scanned via the special scan.

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