Sakura's Espeon

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Sakura's Espeon
サクラのエーフィ Sakura's Eifie
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Sakura Espeon.png
Sakura's Espeon
Debuts in Trouble's Brewing
Caught at Johto
Evolves in Prior to Espeon, Not Included
Gender Unknown*
Ability Synchronize*
Current location With Sakura
HOME133.png HOME196.png
This Pokémon spent less than 43 episodes as Eevee.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Eevee Yumi Touma
As Espeon Yumi Touma Yumi Touma (EP226)
Kayzie Rogers (HS05)

Sakura's Espeon (Japanese: サクラのエーフィ Sakura's Eifie) is Sakura's main Pokémon.

In the anime

Main series


Original series
As an Eevee

Espeon first appeared as a lost Eevee that ran into Ash and his friends. The Eevee's owner, Sakura, approached the group and Misty returned Eevee to her. Sakura invited the group to a tea-ceremony that Sakura's sisters, the Kimono Sisters, were hosting. Team Rocket was also at the event and attempted to steal the Sisters' Pokémon. Sakura sent out her Eevee to battle them, and it was revealed that Eevee was the only unevolved Pokémon owned by one of the Kimono Sisters, in a similar situation to a previous episode. During its battle with Arbok, Eevee became injured after Arbok defeated it, leaving the protagonists to finish the trio off instead. Later, while Misty and Sakura were discussing about their sisters, Eevee was seen happily playing with Togepi. When Team Rocket came back to steal the Pokémon once again, Sakura sent out Eevee to take on Victreebel. Unfortunately, it was beaten once again. Victreebel then threw Eevee into Team Rocket's Pokémon cages. Eevee was freed by Tamao's Umbreon and Team Rocket's plan of stealing the Eeveelutions backfired. When Ash and his friends left for Olivine City, Eevee and Sakura waved goodbye to them.

Espeon and Sakura

Sometime before Espeon, Not Included, Eevee evolved into Espeon. As Ash and his friends reached Ecruteak City for the second time, they made plans to meet up with Sakura and her Espeon. At Sakura's house, Espeon had a battle with Misty's Corsola. Even though Espeon was about to win, Corsola countered with a combination of Recover and Spike Cannon which took out the Psychic-type. After Team Rocket captured Sakura's sisters' Pokémon, Sakura decided to use Espeon as bait in order to lure Team Rocket to them. During the battle with Team Rocket, Espeon teamed up with Corsola and took out Arbok and Victreebel, leaving Pikachu to finish the trio off. With Team Rocket defeated and sent blasting off yet again, Espeon freed the captured Pokémon using Swift. Seeing Sakura's bond with Espeon, the sisters decide to let Sakura set off on a journey of her own.

Pokémon Chronicles

In The Blue Badge of Courage, Espeon accompanied Sakura when she wanted to have a rematch with Misty for the Cascade Badge, as they were confident they could win the Gym battle. Unfortunately, Misty did not have any Cascade Badges left. Sakura, Misty, and Tracey went to Rifure Village to retrieve more badges. Once there, Espeon found the badge maker, Kinso, and saw that he had injured himself. Kinso told the group that they would have to make the badges themselves, and Espeon helped the group do so. Later, when the Gym Badge thieves stole some of the newly-made Cascade Badges, Espeon teamed up with Misty's Psyduck to take on their Zigzagoon and Poochyena. Espeon and Psyduck were victorious and the group left Rifure Village with their hard-earned Cascade Badges. Back at the Gym, Espeon battled Misty's Corsola and won, earning Sakura the Cascade Badge. Espeon was last seen leaving Cerulean City with Sakura and Tracey, after saying goodbye to Misty.

Personality and characteristics

As an Eevee, Espeon was very energetic and outgoing. It often ran off, as seen during its debut episode. After evolving, it became more skilled and agile in battle, allowing it to face stronger opponents.

Moves used

Using Tackle as
an Eevee
Move First Used In
Tackle  Trouble's Brewing
Sand Attack Trouble's Brewing
Quick Attack Espeon, Not Included
Swift  Espeon, Not Included
Psybeam  Espeon, Not Included
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Pokémon Evolutions

Espeon appeared in The Show, under the ownership of Naoko. It participated in the Kimono Girls' reenactment of the tale of Lugia and the Burned Tower.

Moves used

Using Morning Sun
Move First Used In
Morning Sun The Show
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Espeon appeared in Pleased as Punch With Parasect, alongside its Trainer and the other Eeveelutions at the time. It briefly reappeared in All About Arceus IX.

In the games

Due to some of the Kimono Girls' names being swapped around in Generation IV, Espeon is used by Naoko instead of Sayo in HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver
Psychic Unknown
Held item:
Espeon Lv.17
Tail Whip
Sand Attack
Psychic Unknown
Held item:
Espeon Lv.38
Psychic Special
Normal Special
Psych Up
Normal Status
Last Resort
Normal Physical


  • Espeon shares a voice actress with one of Sakura's sisters in both Japanese and English (Satsuki in Japanese and Sumomo in English).
  • Espeon is the only one of the Kimono Sisters' Pokémon that isn't captured in an Apricorn Ball.
  • In the English dub of Espeon, Not Included, it was implied by Ash that Espeon is male, by calling it a "him" at one point.
  • In Pokémon GO, a naming trick used to evolve Eevee into Espeon involves the name Sakura.

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