Project AZOTH

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Project AZOTH (Japanese: プロジェクト AZOTH Project AZOTH) is a project created by Team MagmaOR/Team AquaAS in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The purpose of this project was to bring the world back to its beginnings.

In the games

Originally, the plan was to bring the world back to its beginnings by awakening Primal GroudonOR/Primal KyogreAS. To do so, Team MagmaOR/Team AquaAS had to perform research and development for the technology to break the seal on the Seafloor Cavern, where GroudonOR/KyogreAS laid, using stolen equipment. Once they gained access, MaxieOR/ArchieAS used the Red OrbOR/Blue OrbAS to awaken the super-ancient Pokémon and allow it to undergo Primal Reversion.

However, after MaxieOR/ArchieAS awakens the Pokémon, ArchieOR/MaxieAS explains to him that in order to bring the world to its beginning, GroudonOR/KyogreAS must first kill every living being on the planet. After understanding the consequences of his actions, MaxieOR/ArchieAS is remorseful and gives up on Project AZOTH, instead helping the player stop GroudonOR/KyogreAS.

Even after MaxieOR/ArchieAS abandons Project AZOTH, CourtneyOR/MattAS remains determined to complete the project. During the Delta Episode, they raid the Mossdeep Space Center leading a small squad of Grunts and steals the dimensional shifter. They intend to use their Key Stone to resonate with the Infinity Energy in the rocket (that the Space Center intended to use to warp an impending deadly meteoroid into another dimension) to blow it up and revert the world to its beginnings. However, after the player and Steven defeat them and a Grunt in battle, Aster snatches the dimensional shifter and Zinnia destroys it, then Zinnia steals their Key Stone, eliminating their opportunity to destroy the rocket.

Project AZOTH files

"PROJECT AZOTH File No. 1 The goal of Project AZOTH is to return the world—return everything—to the beginning. In order to further the project, we must proceed with research on Groudon'sOR/Kyogre'sAS Primal Reversion. Primal Reversion is a potential of Pokémon Evolution, a potential different from Mega Evolution. Mega Evolution is made possible by the energy of people and Pokémon. Primal Reversion is made possible by natural energy. In Primal Reversion, GroudonOR/KyogreAS absorbs natural energy into its body, thereby increasing its power dramatically. Both states significantly enhance Pokémon's power: the difference lies in the source of the required energy."
"PROJECT AZOTH File No. 2 We intend to analyze the power of the ultimate weapon used in Kalos 3,000 years ago and work on the development of a drill weapon utilizing the technology. The Seafloor Cavern is sealed by the power of a Legendary Pokémon. The only way to gain access to the cavern is to break the seal with power that exceeds that of the Pokémon. According to the report from the Petalburg recon team, Devon Corporation holds the secret of the technology of the ultimate weapon. We will dedicate all our resources to obtain this technology."


Name origin

Azoth was a term used in alchemy to refer to mercury, which was thought to exist as the base of all other metals.

According to a Grunt in the games, the A and Z in the project's name represent "beginning" and "end", respectively.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Projet AZOTH
  German Projekt AZOTH
  Italian Progetto AZOTH
  Korean 프로젝트 AZOTH Project AZOTH
  Spanish Proyecto AZOTH

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