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A commemorative print (Japanese: きねんプリント commemorative print) is an item in Pokémon Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver which denotes a Pokémon Trainer as having defeated a Frontier Brain. They are the Sinnoh and Johto Battle Frontier's equivalent of a Badge, and equivalent to the Symbols from Hoenn's Battle Frontier.

They feature an image of their respective facility, the player, and the Frontier Brain on the left and right sides respectively. There are two levels of them for each print: the black-and-white Silver Print (Japanese: シルバープリント Silver Print) and the full-color Gold Print (Japanese: ゴールドプリント Gold Print). The Silver is obtained when the Frontier Brain is defeated the first time, and the Gold is obtained when the player beats the Frontier Brain a second time. Obtained prints can be viewed in the player's Vs. Recorder.

List of prints

Commemorative print
Frontier Brain
Tower Tycoon Palmer
タワータイクーン クロツグ
Tower Tycoon Kurotsugu
Battle Tower
Battle Tower
Silver Tower Prints
Gold Tower Prints
Factory Head Thorton
ファクトリーヘッド ネジキ
Factory Head Nejiki
Battle Factory
Battle Factory
Silver Factory Prints
Gold Factory Prints
Arcade Star Dahlia
ルーレットゴーデス ダリア
Roulette Goddess Dahlia
Battle Arcade
Battle Roulette
Silver Arcade Prints
Gold Arcade Prints
Castle Valet Darach
キャッスルバトラー コクラン
Castle Butler Kokuran
Battle Castle
Battle Castle
Silver Castle Prints
Gold Castle Prints
Hall Matron Argenta
ステージマドンナ ケイト
Stage Madonna Kate
Battle Hall
Battle Stage
Silver Hall Prints
Gold Hall Prints

In the manga

The Hall, Castle, Arcade, and Factory Prints in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Platinum arc

Platinum was seen winning the Castle, Arcade, Factory, and Hall Prints from their respective Frontier Brains. By the end of the arc, she was only missing the Tower Print. However, she was seen accepting Palmer's invitation to face him at the Battle Tower in The Final Dimensional Duel XI.


  • The five colors of the battle facilities match the colors of the five Poffin flavors: Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Dry, and Spicy.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 記念印花 Géinihm Yanfā
Mandarin 記念印花 Jìniàn Yìnhuā *
纪念印花 Jìniàn Yìnhuā *
  French Photo
  German Erinnerungsfoto
  Italian Foto ricordo
  Korean 기념프린트 Ginyeom Print
  Spanish Regalo conmemorativo
  Vietnamese Ấn bản kỉ niệm

Silver Print

Language Title
  French Photo d'Argent
  German Silberfoto
  Italian Foto d'Argento
  Korean 실버프린트 Silver Print
  Spanish Foto Plateada

Gold Print

Language Title
  French Photo d'Or
  German Goldfoto
  Italian Foto d'Oro
  Korean 골드프린트 Gold Print
  Spanish Foto Dorada

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