PTP03 : Internationals
Pokémon: Path to the Peak
Episode 4
Web release
Japan September 1, 2023
United States August 30, 2023
English themes
Opening None
Japanese themes
Opening None
Ending None
Animation TAIKO Studios
Screenplay Benjamin Townsend Benjamin Townsend
Storyboard Ian Mutchler Ian Mutchler
Assistant director Shaofu Zhang Shaofu Zhang
Animation director Qinghui Lü Qinghui Lü
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Worlds is the fourth and final episode of Pokémon: Path to the Peak. It was first released on The Pokémon Company International's official English YouTube channel on August 30, 2023.

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Emotionally defeated, Ava fights to rediscover her drive to compete with the support of her family and friends.


In the weeks after Ava's defeat at the International Championships, she has emotionally disassociated with the game, her friends, and the Pokémon club at her school. Despite qualifying for and being invited to the World Championships, she has no interest in competing. Ava's mother sympathizes with her, revealing that she used to be a professional Pokémon TCG player - but after a defeat at the World Championships, she quit playing the TCG as well. However, she was also inspired by the fun Ava and her friends had while playing the TCG, and believes that is what the game is about. Ava's spirits are lifted, and she goes back to her school.

After school later in the day, Joshua and Celestine find papercraft Pikachu in their lockers, marked "TM10" - the same as the Pokémon club invitation that Joshua gave Ava. This leads the two of them to the school's roof, where Ava explains that her victories lead to her friendships, and as a result she valued winning over those bonds - but now she understands that her friends are more important. She gifts Joshua and Celestine copies of their Jolteon ex and Mismagius ex, and invites them to go to the World Championships with her - they gleefully accept, and the trio go to the event wearing outfits that match their partner Pokémon's colors.

At the World Championships, the trio meet Team Falinks again, and Edgar makes it clear that he plays to win - but Ava remains unphased. Throughout the tournament, Ava and Edgar climb the ranks, eventually facing each other in the championship match yet again. Similar to Internationals, Edgar concedes the first game and wins the second, leaving the match up to the final game.

The final game starts with Ava playing Oddish and Edgar playing Groudon, followed by Ava having to pass for 2 turns due to drawing a bad hand. Edgar uses this time to place Energy cards on Groudon, preparing to defeat Oddish - if successful, then Ava would have no more Pokémon on the field, and lose. As the situation starts to look bleak, Ava speaks to her Oddish, to Edgar's confusion. Edgar questions why Ava would play if not to win, and Ava responds that she's in it for the fun instead, even offering a compliment to Edgar's skills. On Ava's turn, she plays a stadium card to power up Oddish's moves, and Rare Candy to evolve Oddish into Bellossom. Edgar is stunned and panics at having no counter-strategy, but Ava suggests that he play his best regardless. Bellossom and Groudon trade blows, with Bellossom coming out victorious - winning Ava the game, match, and the title of World Champion.

Ava and Edgar shake hands, with Edgar noting with some surprise that the game was fun. Tsunekazu Ishihara walks onto the stage, presenting the championship trophy to Ava. Joshua and Celestine join Ava on the stage to celebrate, and Ava envisions Pokémon among the cheering crowd.




Appearing on merchandise

Featured cards

Ava's cards:

Joshua's cards

Celestine's cards:

  • Mismagius ex (currently has no real-TCG equivalent)

Edgar Troy's cards:

Ava's mother's cards:

Flashback champion's cards:

Daughter's cards:

TCG mechanics

Some mechanics from the real-life Pokémon Trading Card Game are applied during this episode's matches. This section explains them in-depth, to help give context to certain scenes.

The overall rules of the TCG can be found here: How to Play.


  • The circular chips placed on Pokémon are damage counters, and indicate how much damage that Pokémon has taken.
    • Orange damage counters represent 10 damage.
    • Red damage counters represent 50 damage.

Team Attack

When Edgar plays 4 copies of Falinks ex and states "Team Attack!", he is referring to the second move listed on the card. While the card does not currently exist in the real TCG, the move appears to have a listed attack power of 50, and the damage counters indicate that this attack dealt 200 damage to Ava's Tropius. Falinks ex's Team Attack is likely based on the Team Attack attack featured on Falinks (Rebel Clash 109).

Ava's finish

  • Ava plays a jungle Stadium card that does not currently exist in the real TCG, but according to the announcer, it would "power up" Oddish.
  • Ava plays Rare Candy (Scarlet & Violet 191), which allows Oddish to skip evolving into Gloom, instead evolving into Bellossom.

Misc errors

  • When Edgar plays his Hariyama (Lost Origin 98), it does not have a Makuhita under it, implying it was played directly. This is illegal - this Hariyama is not classed as a Basic Pokémon, thus it cannot be played directly like that.


  • The banners at the World Championships venue have at least one Pokémon representing each generation, with the exception of generations II, VIII, and IX. The Pokémon featured on these banners were chosen because they were popular Pokémon in previous World Championships.[1]
  • The cards owned by the daughter seem to be a mix of cards owned by Ava, Joshua, Celestine, and Tonio.
  • While Ava's Bellossom ex card is not shown in this episode, it can briefly be seen in the previous episode while her deck is flying away.

Animation errors

  • Ava and Edgar's headsets disappear at certain points during the final match:
    • When Edgar concedes the first game.
    • When Ava compliments Edgar's skill.
  • In the scene where Ava giggles, the cards in her hand are oriented with the furthest-right one at the top. However, when the scene switches to show the back of Ava's cards, they are oriented the opposite way.

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  1. Chris Hewitt: Fun fact: the Worlds banners are popular Pokémon at previous Worlds! - Twitter

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