PS397 : Outwitting Octillery
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Tackling Tangrowth
The Three Pokémon and Their Invisible Bond
VS モジャンボ
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Shogakukan full volume Chapter 398 in Vol. 36
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 61 in Vol. 7
Series Pokémon Adventures

Tackling Tangrowth (Japanese: VS モジャンボ VS Tangrowth), titled VS Tangrowth in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 398th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 61st chapter of the Diamond & Pearl arc. It is subtitled The Three Pokémon and Their Invisible Bond (Japanese: 三匹と見えないつながり The Three and Invisible Bonds) in the VIZ Media translation and The Three and Invisible Bonds in the Chuang Yi translation.


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Pearl feels the full force of an explosion. Rad Rickshaw's two Clefairy, Cliff and Cliffette, struggle to hold onto their Trainer. Pearl survives, but sees around him that everything has been dried up, leaving Lake Valor as nothing but a pit of Magikarp flopping about. The operator of the UFO-like vessel that also survived the explosion and continues to hold Pearl hostage, now laughs maniacally. Saturn beams with pride that his boss chose his lake to be the Galactic Bomb's target.

Saturn shakes off Pearl's team of three Pokémon and continues to interrogate the boy for an answer to his question. Pearl, with nothing to hide, gives his explanation - one which Saturn greets with laughter. He claims that Pearl saw none other than Azelf. With that, he brings Pearl into the central island's cavern and orders his Grunts in as well, to prepare their 'Formation A'.

As Azelf begins to materialize inside Valor Cavern, so too do Uxie and Mesprit from their respective lake caverns. Within moments, the latter two shoot out of their caverns, causing Diamond and Platinum to feel a sense of nostalgia at their appearances. Candice wonders why Uxie came around even though the bomb did not blow up Lake Acuity, and Jupiter states that it is because of the bond the three Lake guardians share. With that, Jupiter's Tangrowth shoots out its vines towards Uxie. Candice tries to respond by commanding her Froslass, but she and Froslass are impaled by a Stone Edge from Jupiter's Gastrodon before they can react. Maylene then tries to keep Jupiter's Sableye at bay with her Meditite. Alas, Sableye strikes both Maylene and her Meditite down, justifying Jupiter's claim that she is 'too weak'.

By this time, the aircraft above Lake Acuity has fully deployed its capture device, which charges at Uxie. Jupiter smirks that with both her companions down, Platinum's resistance is nothing but futile. Jupiter brings out her evidence by throwing a Passho Berry towards her Tangrowth, just as Platinum orders her Rapidash to burn the capture device. Tangrowth catches the berry and turns it into a flood of water that knocks Rapidash out before it gets near the capture device, which has captured Uxie. It retracts into the aircraft which leaves the area as Platinum looks on with despair.

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PS397 : Outwitting Octillery
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS399 : Mixing It Up with Machamp
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