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Diamond & Pearl arc
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Lucky Lucario I
Riley and Iron Island
VS ルカリオI
VS Lucario I
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 379 in Vol. 34
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 42 in Vol. 5
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Iron Island

Lucky Lucario I (Japanese: VS ルカリオI VS Lucario I), titled VS Lucario I in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 379th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 42nd chapter of the Diamond & Pearl arc. It is subtitled Riley and Iron Island (Japanese: ゲンとこうてつ島 Gen and Steel Island) in the VIZ Media translation and Riley and Iron Island in the Chuang Yi translation.


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Diamond and Riley arrive at Iron Island and wave goodbye to Eldritch as he sails away. Explaining the mining history of the island to Diamond, Riley tells him that it now has a new life as a place for Trainers to practice battling with their Pokémon.

As soon as they climb up some stairs to a flat piece of land, Riley orders Diamond to send out all three of his Pokémon to battle his Lucario. Diamond commands Tru, Lax, and Don to use attack moves, but Lucario easily dodges them and uses Close Combat against Tru. Lucario uses the force of its attack to launch itself into the air, where it then uses Aura Sphere on all of its opponents on the ground. Lax and Don dive onto Tru's shell as Lucario's attack rains down on them from above. When Lucario comes back to the ground, Diamond calls for Tru to use Wood Hammer. Tru slams its weight on Lucario, whose claws dig into the ground as it tries to hold steady. Suddenly, more Aura Sphere attacks begin to fall from the sky. They crash down onto Diamond's Pokémon, and Diamond is shocked to see Tru, Lax, and Don collapse to the ground.

Riley explains to Diamond that after Lucario had launched itself into the air, he commanded it to send a flurry of Aura Sphere attacks, and some of the spheres took longer to come down than others. The slower spheres were then able to knock out Diamond's Pokémon when they had Lucario cornered. Riley goes on to compliment Diamond for his defensive strategy, and how he made Tru's Wood Hammer attack extra powerful by having Lax and Don hop onto its shell.

Riley tells Diamond that his Pokémon's biggest weakness is their slowness, pointing out that even though Diamond called out the first move, Lucario was the first one to land an attack. Riley puts together a training regimen for Diamond to follow, and brings him to a cave on the island. He tells Diamond to make five rounds through the cave's lowest level, and that he will join him for the first.

As they begin the first circuit, a wild Steelix charges for Don. Don blocks its attack with its own head, which surprises Riley. Steelix then swings its tail towards Lax, and Diamond has Lax work together with Don to hold Steelix down, attempting to give Tru an opportunity to attack. As Diamond's Pokémon struggle against Steelix, Riley asks when Team Galactic is planning to go after the Legendary Pokémon of Lake Verity. When Diamond tells him that it will happen next Saturday, Riley calculates that Diamond will have three days to train. He tells a nervous Diamond that he will have to cram a serious amount of training into such a small period of time.

Major events

  • Diamond starts his special training with Riley by having a 1-on-3 battle, which he loses.
  • Diamond receives his second task from Riley, to make his way down to the lower part of the cavern and battle powerful wild Pokémon along the way.
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  • In the VIZ Media version, Riley tells Diamond that he had his Lucario use "Aura Blast" against Diamond's Pokémon in their battle, even though he is earlier shown to call the attack by its correct name, Aura Sphere.

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