PS274 : Double Dealing with Deoxys
FireRed & LeafGreen arc
PS276 : My, My, My Mimic
A Vicious Cycle of Possibilities
The Boss Makes His Move
The Boss Gets Off
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 275 in Vol. 23
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 275 in Vol. 23
Series Pokémon Adventures

A Vicious Cycle of Possibilities is the 275th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the eighth chapter of the FireRed & LeafGreen arc. It is subtitled The Boss Makes His Move (Japanese: 動き始める首領 The Boss Gets Off) in the VIZ Media translation.


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While Red and Blue train with Ultima, a gang of Bikers arrive on Three Island. One of the members tells the leader that the island is also called "Kin Island", due to the "parent" island being connected to the smaller "child" island via the Bond Bridge. After hearing about the Berry Forest, the leader decides to steal all of the Berries inside and burn the place to the ground. Suddenly, a girl chasing a Dunsparce emerges from the grass. She runs in front of the gang, forcing them to stop right in front of her. The leader gets angry at the girl and begins threatening her with violence. Before he can continue, a red humanoid Pokémon jumps up from the grass and goes on rampage, destroying the Bikers' bikes and sending the villains flying.

Back at the Pokémon Network Center, Bill carries a bunch of tools with his Farfetch'd. He worries about Red and Blue's decision to go train with Ultima, but shrugs it off as he goes to fix the Storage System. Bill passes by Green's room, where she still sleeps after the incident from earlier. Bill flashes back to earlier, when Red and Blue left Green in his care. Before they leave, Bill asks Red if he finds it strange that they found three Fame Checkers and envelopes addressed to Red, Blue, and Green despite the fact that Green already had a Tri-Pass and returned her Pokédex to Professor Oak. Bill wonders what message is on her Fame Checker and what is inside her envelope. Red agrees with Bill's thoughts, but decides that since they're there for Green, it should be her who inspects them. In the present, Celio tells Bill that they're done and he should go to the Network Machine. They notice that the system is being affected by an energy field, but aren't sure how it happened.

Back at Three Island, the Pokémon holds the Biker gang's leader up by his neck. After glaring at the Biker, the Pokémon tosses him aside and flies off. The terrified Biker notices another person has arrived and begs them for help. The person simply smacks the Biker away, angering him into thinking that the person must be allied with the monster that attacked him. In retaliation, he sends out his Magmar to attack, but the other person has his Nidoking attack with Rock Tomb. The mysterious person tells the Biker that he will have to try harder if he wants to be a bad guy. The man is revealed to be Giovanni, who corrects the Biker by stating that the monster is actually a Pokémon named Deoxys.

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PS274 : Double Dealing with Deoxys
FireRed & LeafGreen arc
PS276 : My, My, My Mimic
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