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Ruby & Sapphire arc
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Ring Ring Goes Beldum
Skilled Trainer of the Cave
VS ダンバル
VS Dumbber
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 196 in Vol. 16
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 196 in Vol. 16
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Granite Cave

Ring Ring Goes Beldum (Japanese: VS ダンバル VS Dumbber), titled VS Beldum in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 196th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 16th chapter of the Ruby & Sapphire arc. It is subtitled Skilled Trainer of the Cave (Japanese: 洞窟の実力者 Champion of the Cave) in the VIZ Media translation and Champion in the Cave in the Chuang Yi translation.


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As Kiki and Nana continue evolving, Ruby documents the change on his video camera. When Steven asks him what he is doing, Ruby states that he is documenting the growth of his Pokémon. Steven doesn't have any time for this and grabs Ruby to drag him away from the attacking Mawile. Nana and Kiki follow, having fully evolved into Mightyena and Delcatty, respectively.

As they run, Steven reintroduces himself as a "Stone Getter", a person who collects and studies stones. They lure the Mawile to an area where Steven has his Pokémon waiting for him. Steven sends his Beldum to attack, but the Mawile defend with their powerful jaws. Steven has Ruby collect the Mawile into a circle, allowing him to defeat them all with his Metagross.

As they float outside on Steven's Metang, Steven grabs a Sun Stone and reveals that Stone Getters search for the energy in stones. Steven reveals that he isn't just there to collect stones, but to find someone to help him defeat two groups of villains that intend to harm Hoenn. After finding out Ruby's age, Steven is disappointed because he was hoping that Ruby could be a scout for him. Although Ruby tries to claim that he can't battle, Steven reveals that he knows about his true strength.

Steven leaves, leaving Ruby confused about the two teams he had mentioned previously, but he shrugs it off and continues his journey.

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PS195 : Mashing Makuhita
Ruby & Sapphire arc
PS197 : Heavy Hitting Hariyama
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