Kalling Kadabra
VS ユンゲラー
VS Yungerer
Chapter Red, Green & Blue
Collected in Vol. 2
Round number 27
Location Route 8
Route 6
Saffron City
Route 21
Pallet Town
Professor Oak's Laboratory
Previous Round Holy Moltres
Next Round Peace of Mime

Kalling Kadabra (Japanese: VS ユンゲラー VS Yungerer) is the 27th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Outside Saffron City, both Green and Blue are refused entry from all four entrances. Resorting to an aerial approach by means of Blue's Charizard and Jiggly, the two Trainers come across each other for the first time (much to Green's delight and Blue's annoyance), and also discover the city is sealed up by a large, impenetrable barrier. Blue eventually decides to return to Pallet Town for advice from Professor Oak.

Meanwhile, having just returned from Cinnabar Island, Red decides to pay the Professor a visit, but is somewhat perturbed by the apparent lack of activity in town. In Professor Oak's Laboratory, Red begins to ask Professor Oak about his inability to enter Saffron City, when the Professor starts attacking all of a sudden. In response Red releases Saur to restrain Professor Oak with Vine Whip, but Professor Oak surprises them by exhibiting signs of Psychic power, and attacking Saur with a Psybeam. Recognizing the handiwork of a Psychic Pokémon, Red orders a Leech Seed from Saur, and as the "Professor's" energy is drained away, it reveals itself as a Kadabra, which had been using its Illusionary Hypnosis powers on Sabrina's command. As the Gym Leader herself appears, she graces Red with a warning before teleporting away: the Professor, along with the townsfolk, were kidnapped and held hostage in Saffron City. Before she teleports, Saur uses Razor Leaf, but it goes right through Sabrina without doing anything to her.

As the illusion over Pallet Town fades away, Red discovers that the laboratory is really in ruins, just as Blue lands with his Charizard. Sharing an aerial photograph of Saffron City with Red, Blue indicates the presence of Team Rocket in the city, confirming Saffron as Team Rocket's headquarters, and that the clash between them and Team Rocket is nearing.

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The end of Route 8 is described as Saffron City's west entrance; it is actually the east entrance.

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