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A Little Kadabra'll Do It
VS ユンゲラー
VS Yungerer
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 32 in Vol. 3
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 32 in Saffron City Showdown
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 32 in Vol. 3
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Silph Co.

A Little Kadabra'll Do It (Japanese: VS ユンゲラー VS Yungerer) is the 32nd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Deep within the Smokescreen from Green's Horsea on the third floor of Silph Co., Sabrina proves herself a powerful wielder of Psychic powers as she surprises the girl by having her Kadabra deliver a successful attack. Green is shocked at her ability to see through the smoke, and Sabrina relays an anecdote about how she's been a powerful Psychic ever since she was a child, leaving Green impressed. Sabrina brags that a Smokescreen is nothing to her when she can see clearly with her mind's eye, and uses Kadabra's Psychic to clear up the smoke cloaking her illusion.

Kadabra uses Disable on Green and her Horsea, leaving them both immobile. Sabrina slowly approaches her and speaks to her teasingly, and begins to aim at her with her spoon. Before she can deliver the finishing strike, Green delivers a backhanded compliment, saying she's a good fighter, but only good at fighting, considering how ugly her outfit choices are compared to hers. Angered, Sabrina has Kadabra use its spoon to slash across Green's chest, but as her dress tears Green reveals the two Poké Balls she had secretly hidden on her chest. Releasing Clefy and Jiggly, she has them attack Sabrina with Growl and Sing, disrupting Sabrina's psychic focus with the sound-based attacks and causing her to lose focus. The illusion vanishes, and Green decides to leave while Sabrina is still incapacitated, recognizing that her power and skill far outclasses her own, and swipes her Marsh Badge on the way out.

Elsewhere, Red continues to scale the building, unable to locate Green, and eventually finds his way into a room with a strange device that has the indentations of seven Badges. Lifting it off the pedestal it rests on, he overhears Ken and Harry outside, lamenting the defeat of both Lt. Surge and Koga. They want to find Red and Blue as soon as possible, but can't stray from guarding the room with the "Pokémon Badge Energy Amplifier". Red quickly crouches down behind the pedestal, concluding the device he picked up must be the Amplifier they mentioned.

Suddenly, Sabrina passes by, and relieves the two Team Rocket members of their duties, telling them to go downstairs. Red peeks around the corner, recognizing her from the attack on Pallet Town in a previous chapter. She enters the room, glancing around, concluding she must be looking for the device in Red's possession. He inspects it closer, wondering if the Badges fit into the indentations on its surface. Realizing he only needs one more Badge to fully fill the device, he accidentally drops it, immediately drawing Sabrina's attention over. Before she can react, Red sends out Pika to attack her, who suddenly stops at her feet. Green, cuddling up to Pika, takes off her disguise, revealing that she was wearing Ditty on her face to fool the Team Rocket members inside the building.

Meanwhile in the first level of the basement, Blue succeeds in locating Professor Oak with Koga's Golbat and unties him. As Blue tries to untie him, the Professor tells him to rescue the townspeople that are being held in a battling facility below on the second level of the basement. He says that the people of Pallet Town have an inherent empathy towards Pokémon, and they were trying to use that power. He suddenly trails off, and elaborates that the three Gym Leaders wanted to use him as a replacement for the escaped scientist Blaine, who at the time was working on a terrible experiment.

Back at Red's location, Green reveals that she has the Marsh Badge. Red tries to grab it from her, but Green will only trade for it, demanding the Moon Stone as compensation. He tries to convince her to give him the Badge anyways, but she has her own goals, and needs the Moon Stone in anticipation of ever encountering Sabrina again. She promises the trade will benefit them both, and to do what she says. Red pouts and they exchange their goods, Green marveling at the Moon Stone. Turning back towards him, she tells Red that the machine is Team Rocket's secret weapon, and filling in all seven slots will massively amplify a Pokémon's power. Smiling in silence, she reminds herself that the truth is that the machine will create a new Pokémon, the only reason she's in the building in the first place. The both of them are suddenly caught off guard as Sabrina enters the room.

Angered that she was made a fool of, she demands that they hand over the machine. Telling Green to stand back, Red inserts the Marsh Badge into the machine, and points it towards Pika. When nothing happens, Green wrestles the machine out of Red's hands, letting Sabrina get off the first attack with a Psybeam from Kadabra. Green apologizes, and says the reason nothing happened is because the Cascade Badge and Boulder Badge she returned to him in an earlier chapter were both fakes. Quickly running out of the room, she leaves dealing with Sabrina to him. She brings forwards Moltres, and then has Kadabra call on Articuno and Zapdos, surrounding Red with the three legendary birds.

Just around the corner, Green replaces the two fake Badges with real ones, a glowing ball of light rising out of the center of the machine, which quickly flies down the hallway back into the room where Sabrina and Red are fighting, Sabrina cracking a knowing smile.

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  • This chapter shares its Japanese title with PS027.
  • The English title of this chapter comes from the saying "a little dab'll do ya," meaning "less is more."


  • In the VIZ Media second edition, when Green is frozen by Kadabra's Disable, one of the panels has hers and Sabrina's dialog in the wrong speech bubbles.

Translation edits

Top: Original Japanese panel
Bottom: English edited panel
  • In the VIZ Media second edition, the scene where Green hides Poké Balls in her top is edited out, but one of the later panels on the same page remains unedited, showing part of her dress in shreds. The dialog is changed to make the edited version make sense.
  • The Finnish edition uses the graphic from the VIZ Media second edition while it has its dialogue translated from the Japanese version. This causes a scene where the Poké Balls in Green's top are not revealed, but are still mentioned by Sabrina. A ripping sound effect has also been added.

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