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Pokémon: Paldean Winds
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Breathe In
Web release
Japan October 18, 2023
United States October 18, 2023
English themes
Opening N/A
Japanese themes
Opening N/A
Ending N/A
Animation WIT Studio
Screenplay 内海照子 Teruko Utsumi
佐藤慧介 Keisuke Satō
竹下良平 Ryōhei Takeshita
Storyboard 黄捷 Huang Chieh
五十嵐祐貴 Yūki Igarashi
Assistant director 黄捷 Huang Chieh
Animation directors 小磯由佳 Yuka Koiso
新垣一成 Issei Arakaki
No additional credits are available at this time.

Breathe In (Japanese: 息をのむ Breathe In) is the second episode of Pokémon: Paldean Winds. It was first released on the official Pokémon Japanese and English YouTube channels on October 18, 2023.

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Despite Aliquis and Meowscarada winning battle after battle, there’s one Trainer they can’t seem to beat: Nemona. After consulting his older brother, Aliquis is advised to stop using a Pokémon after it loses a match.

What will he do? Can Aliquis and Meowscarada find the strength within themselves to take on Nemona? Find out in Episode 2 of Pokémon: Paldean Winds!


Aliquis and his Meowscarada are battling Nemona and her Kilowattrel. Meowscarda uses Leaf Storm on Kilowattrel, but it dodges and defeats Meowscarada with an unnamed attack. Later, Aliquis is on a call with his brother, who suggests Aliquis to not use Meowscarada in battle anymore, as he feels using a Pokémon that has already lost before would show his hand. Aliquis doesn't want to stop using Meowscarada as it was his starter, but his brother tells him he may have to try a different strategy if he wants to beat Nemona and become number one in the school. Aliquis overhears two other students listening to Hohma's report on the battle, who are all admiring Nemona. Aliquis's brother states that the final decision is up to Aliquis and leaves the call. Meowscarada asks Aliquis to get it its favourite snack. Aliquis obliges, but is saddened that he cannot use it in battle as he really wants to win.

In the meeting room for the video project, Aliquis runs into Ohara, who apologies for taking time off from the project. Aliquis starts to watch a stream by Iono, which Ohara interupts by mentioning that she wants to play her flute for the video project, as it will require some music as well, which Aliquis agrees to. Ohara offers sympathy to Aliquis as she saw the news of his battle. Aliquis is angry because Hohma made his loss sound like a joke, and states that he has been analyzing his battles, and will win next time. Ohara mentions that Aliquis is the strongest trainer in their batch, and hurried to evolve his Sprigatito into {Meowscarada before anyone else. Ohara's Fuecoco perks up at the mention of evolution, leading Ohara to think that it wants to evolve soon too. Aliquis is skeptical of this, but Ohara says she can really reply on this little one. Aliquis rudely says that it will never be able to win in battle, and Ohara, shocked, replies "neither will you." Embarassed, Aliquis lashes out saying that its all Meowscarada's fault, and that he is not using it next time. He will find himself another secret weapon, and states he is through with Meowscarada. He stops himself from completing the sentence just in time, but the harm is done; Meowscarada heard him. It angrily attacks their grocery bag full of candy they purchased earlier, and runs away.

Aliquis, unsure of what to do, just sinks down into his chair. Ohara asks him whether he wants to go after it, but he just picks up the candy. Ohara notices that he is always eating that and thinks he must really love it. Aliquis replies that it is more of a pre-battle ritual. He suddenly remembers something related to Meowscarada, but is interrupted by Hohma coming into to the meeting room. Hohma wants to intweview Aliquis about his thoughts on the loss to Nemona. Aliquis mentions that he is analyzing his loss and will win next time. Hohma is excited that there will be a rematch and goes to report this. Aliquis takes a bite out of his candy, which turns out to be another dud. He remembers a moment with his Sprigatito, when they got a good piece of candy, and decides that they were lucky.

During Aliquis's next battle with Nemona, his Garganacl takes down her Kilowattrel. Nemona sends out her Paldean Tauros, which takes down Aliquis's Flamigo. Ohara and Hohma are concerned for Aliquis since he is down to one Pokémon and Nemona still has three left. Trying to send out his last Poké Ball, Aliquis instead finds a piece of his candy. It has a cut in it due to Meowscarada lashing out during their last interaction. He opens it up and find that it is a good piece, which means they're lucky. He screams out for his Meowscarada, apologizing for lashing out at it, and he is only able to keep fighting because it is with him. Meowscarada eats all of the candy, not leaving anything for Aliquis, to his dismay. Nemona finds this scene between Aliquis and his Meowscarada amusing, and Aliquis mentions he is ready to continue their battle. Aliquis, now in sync with Meowscarada, Terastallizes it into a Tera Grass-type. Nemona Terastallizes her Tauros into a Tera Fighting-type and commands it to use Double-Edge. Meowscarada dodges and uses Dark Pulse, Acrobatics, and Flower Trick. Tauros is still standing and uses Close Combat. Meowscarada toughs it out, and Ohara and Hohma cheer them on. Nemona says she wants a fruitful battle, and Aliquis states he will show her the power of the bond between him and Meowscarada.

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Aliquis Paul Castro Jr. Aliquis Minako Kotobuki アリキス 寿 美菜子
Meowscarada Kei Shindō Masquernya Kei Shindō マスカーニャ 真堂 圭
Ohara Cat Protano Ohara Shion Wakayama オハラ 若山 詩音
Fuecoco Rikako Aikawa Hogator Rikako Aikawa ホゲータ 愛河里花子
Hohma Caroline Spinola Hohma Marin ホーマ 麻鈴
Quaxly Tatsuki Kobe Kuwassu Tatsuki Kobe クワッス 光部 樹
Nemona Olivia Vidas Nemo Eriko Matsui ネモ 松井 恵理子
Iono Julia Gu Nanjyamo Fairouz Ai ナンジャモ ファイルーズあい
Aliquis' brother Robb Moreira Aliquis's brother Shohei Kajikawa アリキス兄 梶川翔平
Tauros Kensuke Satō Kentauros Kensuke Satō ケンタロス 佐藤健輔
Student A Caroline Spinola
Student B Elinor Vanderburg


  • Hohma telling Aliquis that Meowscarada toughed out the attack so he wouldn't feel sad is a reference to the line seen in the core series games when the player's Pokémon at max friendship survives an attack on 1 HP.
  • The initial close-up cuts of Meowscarada battling Kilowattrel at the very beginning of the episode were animated by Tu Yong-Ce.[1]


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PPW01 : Breathe Out
Pokémon: Paldean Winds
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