Tu Yong-Ce

Tu Yong-Ce (Chinese: 塗泳策 / 涂泳策 Tú Yǒngcè, sometimes incorrectly credited as Tu yong ce or Yong Ce-Tu) is a Chinese animator currently working in Japan. He began contributing to Pokémon as a second key animator on I Choose You!, before being promoted to a key animator on Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon. Following his time on the main series anime, he would continue to work as chief animation director for ONE PIECE for over three years, returning to Pokémon to animate on movies or specials, such as Secrets of the Jungle or Paldean Winds.

He appeared again on Halo, the second opening of Pokémon Horizons: The Series.

Animation credits

Credits are listed in order of most senior role, then in order of their release.

Key Animation

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Second Key Animation

Confirmed cuts

This is a list of cuts confirmed to feature animation by Tu Yong-Ce.
For full video references, see Tu's page on sakugabooru.

From chasing Lusamine in Ultra Space
until Lusamine's Absol using Mean Look.[1]
From the beginning of the episode
until Meowscarada uses Leaf Storm.[2]
The Rising Volt Tacklers running on Rayquaza
until the fade to Amethio's Ceruledge and Corviknight[3]

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