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Pack Your Pocket With Adventure
It's Super Effective!
First broadcast
Japan October 20, 2023
United States
English themes
Japanese themes
Opening None
Ending マシロ
Assistant director
Animation director
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(Japanese: こうかはばつぐんだ! It's Super Effective!) is the first episode of Pack Your Pocket With Adventure.

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Major events

  • Madoka Akari, 20 years later, received a Game Boy and Pokémon Red cartridge she had as a child, that originally belonged to her older brother, from her mother.



Game characters



Parallels/References with Generation I games:

  • The series' Cold Open sequence with Madoka's mother references the beginning of Red's journey in Pokémon Red and Green.
  • The second time Madoka tried to play the Pokémon Red cartridge, she was shown blowing on the cartridge. This was a common habit that people had with video games that used cartridges in the 90s to make the cartridge easier to read and remove some type of dust from it.
  • Madoka's difficulty in finding a Pikachu in Viridian Forest makes a subtle reference to the difficulty of finding this specific Pokémon. In the Pokémon Red, Green and Blue games, Pikachu's encounter rate is 5%.
  • While studying the types of each Pokémon, Madoka made a reference to the difficulty that players in Generation I games had in beating Brock, especially those who chose Charmander.
  • While trying to recruit other co-workers, the game sound when a Pokémon escapes in games is played, referencing them leaving her alone with the job.
  • The first meeting with Madoka and Midori Kudō makes a direct reference to the meeting between Red and Blue on Route 22.
  • The "clash" between Madoka Akagi and Takeshi Iwakura references the Gym Battle against Brock in Pokémon Red. Madoka's proposal revolved around how the product can be used to utilize Water, one of the Rock-type's known weaknesses.


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Pack Your Pocket With Adventure

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