Madoka Akagi

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Madoka Akagi
赤城まどか Akagi Madoka
Madoka Akagi.jpg
Madoka Akagi
Age 28
Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Tokyo
Mashiro (originally)
Region Kantō
Relatives Unnamed mother
Unnamed older brother
Member of ADventure
Rank Designer
Live action debut Pack Your Pocket With Adventure
Live actor Nanase Nishino

Madoka Akagi (Japanese: 赤城まどか Akagi Madoka) is the protagonist of Pack Your Pocket With Adventure. She is portrayed by Nanase Nishino.



Madoka playing Pokémon Red for the first time in her childhood

Madoka lived in the Mashiro District as a child with her mother and older brother. She and her brother played Pokémon Red on the Game Boy Pocket, but as they only had the one game cartridge, she only played it for the first time after her brother managed to finish the game. She chose Bulbasaur at the beginning of the game, but didn't like its evolutionary forms.

Years later, Madoka graduated from a local university and joined a kamaboko company. Her aim was to become a great designer and eventually joined the advertising company ADventure, where she had been working for around two months at the start of the show.


In PPA01, Madoka was the only one chosen to make a crucial presentation for the marketing of a new product from SAIjirushi, with the fate of the company at stake. On the same night, she opened a box that she received from her mother, which contained her old Game Boy. However, as the device was out of batteries, she was unable to play that night.

The next day, Madoka tried to convince other members of her team to work with her, but without success. Working overtime that night, Madoka found some batteries and finally started playing Pokémon Red. Remembering her first attempt with Bulbasaur long ago, Madoka decided to choose Charmander this time. While trying to get a Pikachu, Madoka didn't realize that the hour had passed and it was already too late.

The next morning, Madoka presented her first drafts of work to Kageaki Hiyama of ADventure's sales department. When explaining her idea to her coworker, Madoka had explained that she had decided to use a pun between some words for her presentation, but she was discouraged from trying it. That night, Madoka began to relate the game's challenges to her own life, remembering some concepts such as type advantage. She found a refuge from her problems by talking to Masako, who gave the young woman some life advice.

Madoka Akagi meeting a Pikachu in the Viridian Forest

The day of the presentation, Madoka began to study how to have the correct approach with her client, using gym battles as a reference. Already in the SAIjirushi building, Madoka met her rival Midori Kudō, which Madoka related to the battles with Green. Just like in the games, her "rival" also worked at an advertising agency, Wonder Create, and used this opportunity to mock Madoka. During the presentation, Madoka used all of her studying of the customer's profile and sought to use the emotions and experiences that the product could offer to reach the feelings of the future president of SAIjirushi, Takeshi Iwakura. Thus, ADventure won its "first battle".

In PPA02, Madoka was in charge of creating the advertising campaign for a product called Mizuho Mare, a new brand of rice, to help ADventure, they received a visit from a renowned publicist called Oshō Kamo. While trying to learn about the veteran publicist's working methods, Madoka revealed to Kageaki Hiyama that she was playing Pokémon Red and that she was having difficulty defeating Misty in her gameplay of the game.

Madoka playing Pokémon with Sora, Masako's son

When introduced to Sora, Masako's son, Madoka learned some new concepts, such as Level, Obedience and how Badges influence your Trainer level and not your relationship with your Pokémon. Thanks to Masako, Madoka was able to relate this to his relationship with Oshō Kamo and they were finally able to work on the marketing campaign for the new product.

In PPA03, Madoka worked as support for Yōko Meguro and Yūki Koide in Tama Department's outreach work, to complete the work, the trio was responsible for scheduling a photo shoot with actress and model Erika Kusano. As the work progressed, Madoka began to associate Koide with a Magikarp she added to her team in Pokémon Red, because of this, she initially tried to protect and spare him from trouble with the workjobizing that Koide could ruin the work, Madoka used reverse psychology to give the impression that she no longer cared, this made Koide "evolve" and finally impose himself on Erika. Upon seeing Koide's change in posture and with the job completed, Madoka explained to her fellow her co-workers that Koide had become a Gyarados.

In PPA04, while trying to capture a Kangaskhan in the Kanto Safari Zone, Madoka and Koide tried to help Kazuchika Kogusuri reconnect with his son. After a long day at the zoo, Madoka was able to watch father and son make peace again. At night, at home, Madoka finally managed to capture the Kangaskhan she wanted.


Madoka ready to "battle" an opponent.

Despite being a beginning Designer, Madoka is a prodigy in her field. Madoka has a good relationship with all the members of her work group, except for Kageaki Hiyama, who both have a kind of mutual respect but a more distant relationship. This became more evident when Kageaki Hiyama started playing Pokémon Red because of Madoka too. After the match that Madoka and Hiyama played, and their participation in the Tokyo Short Film Contest, Hiyama opened up more to Madoka and revealed his real feelings to her, this allowed Hiyama to pursue new goals at ADventure, and for Madoka and Hiyama to become closer.

Madoka also has a complicated relationship with Midori Kudō, whom she considers a friend, despite Midori being extremely arrogant towards her.

Since she returned to playing, she was able to quickly make friends with Sora Karasawa, Masako's son, who she considers a master despite his young age and who often teaches Madoka how to resolve situations present in the game. Often, Madoka uses advice from Sora and her mother to even solve her day-to-day problems and correlates it with situations she encounters in the game. This correlation that Madoka makes has made her become very attached to her Pokémon in the game, including because some of them refer to her friends and co-workers, as if she were a real Trainer.

In each episode, when Madoka is going to have her decisive presentation with an ADventure client, a representation of her with the "client of the day" is shown, quite similar to the Gym Battles in the Generation I games.


In the Party

Pokémon Role in the series Level First appearance
Madoka's starter is a Charmander in her Pokémon Red gameplay. In PPA02, Charmander evolved into Charmeleon after defeating a Jigglypuff.

In PPA05, it was revealed that Charmeleon evolved into Charizard at some point before Madoka arrived in Celadon City. In PPA06, Charizard was used against Hiyama's Clefable but was defeated.

62 PPA01
One of the very first Pokémon captured by Madoka in her Pokémon Red gameplay. It was revealed that Pidgey evolved into Pidgeotto when Madoka showed her gameplay to Sora in PPA03.

In PPA06, it was shown in a flashback that Madoka evolved Pidgeotto shortly before the battle against Hiyama. During the battle, Pidgeot was defeated with a single Ice Beam delivered by his opponent's Nidoking.

46 PPA01
Madoka captured a Pikachu at the end of PPA01. In PPA06, it was revealed that Madoka evolved Pikachu at some point before battling Hiyama. During the battle, Raichu was able to defeat Hiyama's Machoke, Madoka took Raichu out of the battle after Hiyama used a Nidoking. Soon after, Raichu was defeated off-screen during the match. 46 PPA01
Magikarp was one of the Pokémon that was in Madoka's party when she showed her gameplay to Sora. During the course of the episode Magikarp evolved into Gyarados.

In PPA06, Gyarados was the last Pokémon used by Madoka in the battle against Hiyama, and despite a difficult match, Gyarados managed to beat Hiyama's Clefable with a Hyper Beam move.

48 PPA03
Madoka captured a Kangaskhan in the Kanto Safari Zone after several attempts at the end of PPA04. In PPA06, it was the first Pokémon chosen by Madoka to battle Hiyama, but was defeated by her opponent's Machoke. 55 PPA04

In the Box

Pokémon Role in the series Level First appearance
おしょう Oshō
Madoka used a Farfetch'd she received from an in-game trade to battle a Voltorb. 23 PPA02
Raticate was one of the Pokémon that was in Madoka's party when she showed her gameplay to Sora. 25 PPA03
Madoka mentioned having a Haunter that she would like to evolve into Gengar in PPA06. N/A PPA06
Hitmonlee was one of the Pokémon used by Madoka during the credits of PPA06. 50 PPA06
Hitmonchan was one of the Pokémon used by Madoka during the credits of PPA06. 50 PPA06
Kadabra appeared when Madoka and Sora were discussing the best way to battle a Ghost-type Pokémon. N/A PPA07
Hypno appeared when Madoka and Sora were discussing the best way to battle a Ghost-type Pokémon. N/A PPA07
Clefable was one of the Pokémon used by Madoka during the credits of PPA08. 49 PPA08


In the series, each of Madoka's works for ADventure made reference to a Gym Leader or a key event from Generation I.

Challenge Product In-game reference Episode
Takeshi Iwakura
Thermal pan  
Oshō Kamo
Mizuho Mare  
Erika Kusano
Tama Department Portfolio *  
Gonzou Kabira
Route 16's Snorlax


Madoka Akagi and Kageaki Hiyama receiving the second place award at the Tokyo Short Film Contest

Tokyo Short Film Contest - Runner-up (with Kageaki Hiyama; PPA06)



Language Name Origin
Japanese 赤城まどか Akagi Madoka From ポケットモンスター 赤 Pocket Monsters Aka (Pokémon Red)
Korean 아카기 마도카 Akagi Madoka Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Traditional) 赤城圓 Chìchéng Yuán
小圓 Xiǎo Yuán
From the Japanese name 赤城円 Akagi Madoka
From the Japanese name 円 Madoka


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