Takeshi Iwakura

Takeshi Iwakura (Japanese: 岩倉武 Iwakura Takeshi) is a character in Pack Your Pocket With Adventure. He is the current president of the company called SAIjirushi (Japanese: 犀印) and one of ADventure's clients. He is portrayed by Joe Hyuga.

Iwakura Takeshi


Iwakura Takeshi's "Gym Battle"


Takeshi Iwakura has been on the cover of several magazines during his career as an executive. In one of his interviews for one of these magazines, Takeshi implied that he sought to work with the origins of SAIjirushi.

Season One

In PPA01, it was revealed that Takeshi Iwakura was about to take over as president of SAIjirushi, and with that, he decided to create a new product; a thermal pan. To present the new product, he chose to make a "competitive presentation" which consisted of several advertising companies presenting the best proposal.

When presenting ADventure's proposal, he remained with a serious expression the entire time. To deal with it, Madoka Akagi sought to work with the emotional aspect and show the experiences that his product can offer. After Madoka's strategy proved effective, Takeshi told a story that happened to his predecessor, and was satisfied with ADventure's proposal, closing a deal with Madoka's company.


Takeshi Iwakura is a generally cold and serious executive, but he was open to new ideas.


Language Name Origin
Japanese 岩倉武 Takeshi Iwakura From Brock (Japanese: タケシ Takeshi) and Onix (Japanese: イワーク Iwark)

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