Sora Karasawa

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Sora Karasawa
唐沢空 Sora Karasawa
Sora Karasawa.jpg
Sora Karasawa in Pack Your Pocket With Adventure
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Hometown Tokyo
Region Kantō
Relatives Masako (mother)
Kuuya (father)
Live action debut Pack Your Pocket With Adventure
Live actor Towa Watanabe

Sora Karasawa (Japanese: 唐沢空 Sora Karasawa) is a supporting character of Pack Your Pocket With Adventure. He is portrayed by Towa Watanabe.


Sora playing Pokémon with Madoka Akagi

In PPA02, Sora found Madoka playing Pokémon Red while having dinner at his mother's restaurant. After a brief introduction, he showed Madoka how the most recent games in the franchise were, revealing that he had played them all before.

Shortly afterwards, while they were playing, Sora taught Madoka about the Obedience of Traded Pokémon and how Badges help in the relationship between Pokémon and Trainer.

In PPA03, while Madoka was having dinner with Yōko Meguro, Sora asked Madoka how she was doing in the game and she showed him her Party in Pokémon Red.

In PPA04, Sora tried to teach Madoka how to capture a Kangaskhan in the Kanto Safari Zone, before leaving he made a connection between the Safari Zone Warden and good deeds to explain to her how to proceed in the game.

In PPA06, Sora watched Madoka's battle against Kageaki Hiyama, during the battle, he was able to understand Hiyama's strategy quickly.


Despite being quite young, Sora knows a lot about the universe of Pokémon games, explaining some concepts to Madoka. Unlike her, Sora is very up to date with the latest games and plays Pokémon Scarlet and Violet on his Nintendo Switch.

As his friendship with Madoka grew, Madoka began to affectionately call him "master"(Japanese:).

In PPA05, it was shown that Sora has great skill with flutes, being able to play several different Pokémon themes.


Generation IX

Pokémon Role in the series First appearance
In PPA02, Sora used a Pawmo to defeat a Girafarig in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. PPA02


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