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PLAY Promotional cards
SetSymbolPokémon Players.png
Cards in set 32
Release period January 2003 - January 2006

The PLAY Promotional cards are a series of Japanese promotional cards released exclusively through the Pokémon Players Club, which replaced the original Pokémon Fan Club in January 2003. By attending weekly sessions, much like the Pokémon League outside of Japan, members could earn experience points (EXP) via several actions (see below) and work towards earning promotional cards. Each of these cards have a PLAY suffix and the Pokémon Players Club logo as an expansion symbol.

With the beginning of the third season (January 2005), the EXP structure was changed, and each EXP prize target was assigned a level. New members would start at Lv.1 (1000 EXP), with the maximum at Lv.10 (70,000 EXP). This change introduced the Shiny forms of the Eeveelution family as prizes, well known in the community for being extremely difficult to fully complete. Members reaching Lv.7 (20,000 EXP) became 'ex-Members' (a reference to Pokémon-ex) and could purchase exclusive Players Club goods, and gain preferential entry into qualifiers for the TCG World Championships.

Card list

PLAY Promotional cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
001/PLAY   Regice ex   1st Season Subscription
002/PLAY   Regirock ex   1st Season Subscription
003/PLAY   Registeel ex   1st Season Subscription
004/PLAY   Plusle   Earn 2000 EXP Points
005/PLAY   Minun   Earn 3000 EXP Points
006/PLAY   Celebi ex   Earn 5000 EXP Points
007/PLAY   Mew ex   Earn 7000 EXP Points
008/PLAY   Pokémon Card Fan T [Su] Battle Road Summer 2003
009/PLAY   Moltres ex   2nd Season Subscription (New Members)
010/PLAY   Articuno ex   2nd Season Subscription (New Members)
011/PLAY   Zapdos ex   2nd Season Subscription (New Members)
012/PLAY   _____'s Celebi   2nd Season Subscription (Continuing Players)
013/PLAY   _____'s Mew   2nd Season Subscription (Continuing Players)
014/PLAY   _____'s Jirachi   2nd Season Subscription (Continuing Players)
015/PLAY   Cyclone Energy   E 2nd Season Subscription (Continuing Players)
016/PLAY   Boost Energy   E 2nd Season Subscription (Continuing Players)
017/PLAY   Warp Energy   E 2nd Season Subscription (Continuing Players)
018/PLAY   Master Ball T Battle Road Spring 2004
019/PLAY   _____'s Kyogre   3rd Season Subscription
020/PLAY   _____'s Groudon   3rd Season Subscription
021/PLAY   _____'s Rayquaza   3rd Season Subscription
022/PLAY   Vaporeon     Earn 10,000 EXP Points
023/PLAY   Jolteon     Earn 20,000 EXP Points
024/PLAY   Flareon     Earn 30,000 EXP Points
025/PLAY   Espeon     Earn 40,000 EXP Points
026/PLAY   Umbreon     Earn 70,000 EXP Points
027/PLAY   Kyogre ex   Limited Edition Starter Kit
028/PLAY   Groudon ex   Limited Edition Starter Kit
029/PLAY   Rayquaza ex   Limited Edition Starter Kit
030/PLAY   Ho-Oh ex   4th Season Subscription
031/PLAY   Lugia ex   4th Season Subscription
032/PLAY   Jirachi ex   4th Season Subscription

EXP Award Structure


Action EXP Awarded
Subscription 1000 EXP
Attend an official event 50 EXP
Win a match 30 EXP
Lose a match 10 EXP
Draw a match 10 EXP
Form a Gym (submit a Gym report) 50 EXP
Host an official event 100 EXP
Record 100 matches in Challenge Passport 1000 EXP


Action EXP Awarded
Subscription 1000 EXP
Attend an official event 100 EXP
Participate in activities at events 100/200 EXP
Begin a battle 10 EXP
Win a battle 10 EXP
Record 30 matches in Challenge Passport 500 EXP
Host an official Player event (submit Battle Report) 200 EXP
Participate in an event hosted by a Player 100 EXP
Scan a Pokémon product code 100 EXP
Purchase Player goods 50 EXP
Upload a Player News article to the Pokémon Trainers Website 100 EXP
Place 1st in a tournament 500 EXP
Place 2nd in a tournament 400 EXP
Place 3rd in a tournament 300 EXP
Place 4th-5th in a tournament 100 EXP

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