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(Japanese: ミドリ Midori) is a Bug Catcher in the manga series How I Became a Pokémon Card. He seems to live in Viridian Forest with a group of other Bug Catchers, all of whom see it as their duty to protect the forest from intruders.



Midori is a Bug Catcher who wanted to protect the Viridian Forest from intruders but was too young and inexperienced to do so.


Midori first appeared in PW10 where he went to a campfire site and mentioned about being the best. He challenged Blue after introducing himself where he was turned down twice until Blue gave up and sent out Venusaur to battle him. During the battle, Midori's Butterfree becomes sick and Blue tells him to take it to a guard house in Celadon City. Midori runs to the guard house and gets stopped by a group of Diglett on his way. Midori tried to have Caterpie battling them but the Diglett juggled Caterpie around. With no other choice, Midori used Metapod as a weapon by smacking the Diglett.

Finally arriving at the guard house, Midori noticed that a group of Gastly and Haunter were attacking the place. Caterpie and Metapod tried their best in fending off the Ghost-types but the Ghost-types were too strong. In the nick of time, Butterfree woke up and defeated the group of Gastly and Haunter. With Butterfree feeling better, Midori celebrated in joy with Butterfree, Caterpie, and Metapod.


Caterpie was sent out to battle Blue's Venusaur. When it was using a Tackle attack, it got stuck in the snow and Midori had to get it out. Later, Midori sent it out to take care of a bunch of Diglett but failed as the Diglett kept juggling Caterpie.

Caterpie's only known move is Tackle.

Debut PW10
Metapod was sent out to substitute for Caterpie. As Metapod only hardened, it was not able to battle Venusaur properly. Since then, Metapod was used as a hammer for Diglett, Gastly and Haunter.

Metapod's only known move is Harden.

Debut PW10
Butterfree was the last Pokémon Midori sent out. Before it got a chance to battle, Butterfree was not feeling well and the battle was postponed. During an encounter with Gastly and Haunter, Butterfree jumped in and took them out with Mega Drain and Butterfree became better.

Butterfree's only known move is Mega Drain.

Debut PW10

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