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カエデ Kaede
Kaede HIBAPC.png
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Kanto
Member of Team Rocket
Rank Unknown

Kaede (Japanese: カエデ Kaede) is a member of Team Rocket in the manga series How I Became a Pokémon Card. Her Pokémon is a Gloom (referred to as a "Dark Gloom", as the series is based on the Pokémon TCG).

Kaede and Erika


Kaede is childhood friends with Erika, the Celadon Gym Leader. Even though Kaede is a member of Team Rocket, Erika seems to be oblivious to this. As such, the two remain friends.

Kaede is severely allergic to pollen, flowers, and seemingly Grass type Pokémon in general. Because of this, Kaede is often pictured frowning, looking tired and clutching her runny nose. Even though she is allergic to Grass types, she still visits Erika and spends time with her. Unbeknownst to Erika, Kaede's frequent sneezing is because of allergies to her Gym and Pokémon.

To make matters worse, Kaede's only Pokémon is a Grass type. She met this Pokémon, an Oddish, as a girl. The Oddish later evolved into a Gloom.



Oddish → Gloom
Kaede first met Oddish as a child. It later evolved into Gloom. It is typically seen carrying around a tissue box, since Kaede often sneezes. Even though Kaede is allergic to Gloom and often has to move away from it, Gloom still cares for Kaede.

None of Gloom's moves are known.

Debut PW08

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