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(Japanese: ヒトシ Hitoshi) is a character from the How I Became a Pokémon Card manga.



Hitoshi as an adult

Hitoshi makes his first appearance in Team Rocket and Dark Charmeleon, where he talks to his Charmander about his dream to join Team Rocket and rule the world. In order to achieve this dream, Hitoshi and Charmander decide to do as many evil deeds as they can so that Team Rocket will let them join their group.

Their first evil deed was to try and scare a man walking through a forest. Their planned failed when the man was not scared and instead used Charmander's tail to re-light his cigarette. The man thanks the two with a coin and runs off while warning them that the forest can be dangerous. Angered that his plan didn't work, Hitoshi pretended that Charmander stole the coin from the man and congratulated it for its good work.

The next day, Hitoshi had Charmander scratch some windows in an attempt to scare the house owners. Their attempt only scared a burglar into confessing that he was robbing the house, leading to his arrest and Hitoshi getting congratulated by the police for his good work. Later, he encountered Masaru, who mocked Hitoshi's failed attempts to join Team Rocket. Masaru's words made Hitoshi realize that he doesn't really know what Team Rocket actually does, so he and Charmander go to find out.

They sneak into the Team Rocket HQ and listen on some Grunts having a meeting. After seeing how they operate, Hitoshi makes his way out of the headquarters pleased that his ideas aren't that different from Team Rocket's. While on his way out, he eavesdropped on a group of Grunts attempting to force evolution on Pokémon earlier than they usually do to make them grow at a faster rate. Afterward, Hitoshi and Charmander leave the headquarters now even more determined to join Team Rocket.

As he makes his way back home, he finds a group of people running away from a swarm of Beedrill. Although he mistakes it for Team Rocket's doing, Hitoshi is shocked to find out that Team Rocket is innocent and is trying to defeat the Beedrill to make sure the townspeople don't run away in fear. Determined to get on Team Rocket's good side, Hitoshi battles the Beedrill, but they prove to be too powerful and counterattack against the two, leaving Hitoshi injured.

This angers Charmander, who evolves into a Charmeleon to defeat and drive off the Beedrill swarm. Hitoshi notes that Charmeleon wasn't that strong and too low a level to evolve when it was a Charmander, which makes him speculate that it must be the new kind of Pokémon Team Rocket was trying to create. He attempts to call out to Team Rocket and show them, but all of the Grunts just lie unconscious from their earlier defeat by the Beedrill.

He finds Masaru there, who reveals that he was jealous of Hitoshi and caused the Beedrill swarm to attack so that he could join Team Rocket. Masaru thanks Hitoshi for saving him, much to Hitoshi's annoyance. Later, the entire townspeople thanks Hitoshi and Charmeleon for saving them. This frustrates Hitoshi, who states that he only wants to be evil. Unbeknownst to Hitoshi, a lone Grunt managed to see him and decided to recruit Hitoshi into their ranks. However, they never managed to find Hitoshi and get him to join them despite Hitoshi and Charmeleon continuing to observe them from afar.


Hitoshi is a young boy who admires Team Rocket and wishes to one day conquer the world. Together with his Charmander, he aims to join Team Rocket.



Charmander → Charmeleon → Charizard
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Charizard is Hitoshi's only known Pokémon. As a Charmander, in order to join Team Rocket, it teamed up with Hitoshi to do evil deeds, only for them to constantly backfire. During a battle with a Beedrill swarm, it evolved into a Charmeleon to save Hitoshi. With it being stronger, Hitoshi stated that they can do better in their evil schemes. Sometime later, Charmeleon evolved into a Charizard.

Debut Team Rocket and Dark Charmeleon

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