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If you were looking for the encounter type in the core series games, see Symbol encounter.

A Symbol (Japanese: シンボル Symbol) is an item which denotes a Pokémon Trainer as having defeated one of Hoenn's Frontier Brains. They are the Hoenn Battle Frontier's equivalent of a Badge. There are two levels of them for each: silver and gold. The Sinnoh and Johto equivalent is a commemorative print. Unlike Badges, they do not allow new items to be sold at Poké Marts.

List of Symbols

Frontier Brain
Factory Head Noland
ファクトリーヘッド ダツラ
Factory Head Datsura
Battle Factory
Battle Factory
Silver Knowledge Symbol
Gold Knowledge Symbol
Arena Tycoon Greta
アリーナキャプテン コゴミ
Arena Captain Kogomi
Battle Arena
Battle Arena
Silver Guts Symbol
Gold Guts Symbol
Dome Ace Tucker
ドームスーパースター ヒース
Dome Superstar Heath
Battle Dome
Battle Dome
Silver Tactics Symbol
Gold Tactics Symbol
Pike Queen Lucy
チューブクイーン アザミ
Tube Queen Azami
Battle Pike
Battle Tube
Silver Luck Symbol
Gold Luck Symbol
Palace Maven Spenser
パレスガーディアン ウコン
Palace Guardian Ukon
Battle Palace
Battle Palace
Silver Spirits Symbol
Gold Spirits Symbol
Pyramid King Brandon
ピラミッドキング ジンダイ
Pyramid King Jindai
Battle Pyramid
Battle Pyramid
Silver Brave Symbol
Gold Brave Symbol
Salon Maiden Anabel
タワータイクーン リラ
Tower Tycoon Lila
Battle Tower
Battle Tower
Silver Ability Symbol
Gold Ability Symbol

In the anime

Ash's seven Symbols
Reggie's six Symbols

Ash earned the Knowledge Symbol close to the end of the eighth season, and then the rest of the Symbols during the ninth season. After earning his seventh Symbol in Pace - The Final Frontier!, Scott offered him a chance to become a Frontier Brain candidate, but he turned down the offer.

In Lost Leader Strategy!, it was revealed that Paul's big brother Reggie had earned six of the seven Symbols. However, he had been unable to defeat Brandon, thus never obtaining the Brave Symbol.

In the manga

Emerald's seven Symbols in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Emerald arc

Emerald was seen earning all seven Symbols over the course of the arc. For the Tactics Symbol, he had been unable to defeat Tucker on his first try, but later participated in a Battle Dome tournament with the other Pokédex holders and won, earning him his final Symbol.

Pokémon Battle Frontier

Enta was seen earning six of the seven Symbols over the course of the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga, although most of them were won off-panel. However, his battle with Anabel ended in a draw, leaving him without the Ability Symbol.


  • In the Japanese version of Emerald, the patterns on the Symbols are originally the first letter of the Symbol's name: K (Knowledge), G (Guts), T (Tactics), L (Luck), S (Spirits), B (Brave), and A (Ability).
    • However, the anime features the patterns used in the English version instead.
    • Translations of the Emerald arc of Pokémon Adventures retain the Japanese designs of the Symbols.
  • Some of the patterns in the Symbols have similarities to the Frontier Brain's battle facility.
    • The pattern on the Luck Symbol is identical to the hexagon patterns on Seviper, which the Battle Pike was modeled after.
    • The pattern on the Tactics Symbol seems to be the Battle Dome if seen from above. It might also stand for the first letter in Tucker's Japanese name Heath.
    • The pattern on the Brave Symbol seems to be the Battle Pyramid if seen from above.
    • The pattern on the Ability Symbol seems to be the Battle Tower seen from below.
  • The Knowledge Symbol is the only Symbol not to share a common first letter with its respective Frontier Brain in the English version. However, both are pronounced with the /n/ sound.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 象徵 Jeuhngjīng
Mandarin 象徵 / 象征 Xiàngzhēng *
象徴 Xiàngzhēng *
徽章 Huīzhāng *
  Danish Symbol
  Finnish Symboli
  French Symbole
  German Symbol
  Italian Simbolo
  Korean 심볼 Symbol
  Polish Symbol
  Portuguese Símbolo
  Spanish Símbolo
  Vietnamese Biểu tượng

Knowledge Symbol

Language Title
  Japanese ノウレッジシンボル Knowledge Symbol
  Finnish Tiedon symboli
  French Symbole Savoir
  German Kenntnissymbol
  Italian Simbolo Sapienza
  Spanish Símbolo del Saber
  Vietnamese Biểu tượng Tri thức

Guts Symbol

Language Title
  Japanese ガッツシンボル Guts Symbol
  Finnish Sisusymboli
  French Symbole Cran
  German Grobsymbol
  Italian Simbolo Valore
  Spanish Símbolo del Coraje
  Vietnamese Biểu tượng Ý chí

Tactics Symbol

Language Title
  Japanese タクティクスシンボル Tactics Symbol
  Finnish Taktiikkasymboli
  French Symbole Tactique
  German Taktiksymbol
  Italian Simbolo Tattica
  Spanish Símbolo de la Táctica
  Vietnamese Biểu tượng Chiến thuật

Luck Symbol

Language Title
  Japanese ラックシンボル Luck Symbol
  Finnish Onnisymboli
  French Symbole Chance
  German Lossymbol
  Italian Simbolo Fortuna
  Spanish Símbolo de la Fortuna
  Vietnamese Biểu tượng Vận may

Spirits Symbol

Language Title
  Japanese スピリットシンボル Spirit Symbol
  Finnish Henkisymboli
  French Symbole Esprit
  German Seelensymbol
  Italian Simbolo Spirito
  Spanish Símbolo del Ánimo
  Vietnamese Biểu tượng Tinh thần

Brave Symbol

Language Title
  Japanese ブレイブシンボル Brave Symbol
  Finnish Rohkeussymboli
  French Symbole Courage
  German Bravursymbol
  Italian Simbolo Audacia
  Polish Symbol Dzielności*
Symbol Odwagi*
  Spanish Símbolo de la Valentía
  Vietnamese Biểu tượng Dũng cảm

Ability Symbol

Language Title
  Japanese アビリティシンボル Ability Symbol
  Finnish Kykysymboli
  French Symbole Capacité
  German Anlagesymbol
  Italian Simbolo Abilità
  Spanish Símbolo de la Destreza
  Vietnamese Biểu tượng Tài năng

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