Battle Spot

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The Battle Spot (Japanese: バトルスポット Battle Spot) is a feature of the Generation VI and VII Nintendo 3DS core series games that allows players to participate in Link Battles over the internet. It can be accessed from the Player Search System in the Generation VI games or from Festival Plaza in the Generation VII games. It is the successor to the Global Battle Union in the Generation V games and was replaced by the Battle Stadium in the Generation VIII games.

The available battle formats include Single Battles, Double Battles, Triple BattlesXYORAS, Rotation BattlesXYORAS, and Battle RoyalsSMUSUM. Unlike in Generation V, players who disconnect from a battle are considered to have lost. Battles can be recorded in the Vs. Recorder. In the Battle Spot, Nature Power will become Tri Attack, Secret Power will have a 30% chance of paralyzing an opponent, and Camouflage will change the user's type to Normal.

Due to incompatibilities between game versions, the Battle Spot is split into the Sun/Moon League and the Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon League. Between the release of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and Pokémon Sun and Moon, the Battle Spot was split into the X/Y League and the ΩR/αS League. Games in different leagues are not matched up with each other, since new Pokémon, forms, moves, and Abilities were not programmed into earlier games.

Random Matchup

In the Generation VI games, Free Battles and Rating Battles are grouped together under Random Matchup (Japanese: ランダムマッチ Random Match) as with Random Matchup Free mode and Rating mode in Generation V. In the Generation VII games, they are placed directly under the Battle Spot banner.

Pokémon over level 50 are lowered to level 50, while Pokémon under level 50 remain at their current level. Players can select to use a team from either the current party or the Battle Box. Before battle, each player has 120 seconds to select their Pokémon, with the number depending on the format (three for Single Battles and Battle Royals, four for Double and Rotation Battles, and six for Triple Battles). Players who fail to select their Pokémon in time will have their remaining Pokémon selected at random. Battles are limited to a total of 30 minutes, with each player receiving 60 seconds to select an action each turn. If a player fails to select an action, the same action as in the previous turn is repeated; if a Pokémon was switched in the previous turn, the game will select a move and target at random.

The player can choose their battle music before each battle as long as the song has been heard before. However, in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Wally's theme cannot be selected, and due to being Version-exclusive, Ho-Oh and Lugia's theme can only be unlocked in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, respectively.

Free Battle

Free Battles (Japanese: フリーバトル Free Battle) allow players to freely battle other players online. No duplicate Pokémon or held items are allowed. The Soul Dew is also prohibited in the Generation VI games. In Generation VII, players can choose whether or not to allow special Pokémon. There is no restriction on origin marks.

Rating Battle

Rating Battles in Generation VI

Rating Battles (Japanese: レーティングバトル Rating Battle) determine the player's ranking. To participate in Rating Battles, players must create a Pokémon Global Link account. Players begin at 1500 points, which increases or decreases after each battle depending on whether the battle was won or lost and the rating of the opponent. Ratings reset to 1500 at the beginning of each season, each of which lasts approximately two months. Ratings are registered to a particular Nintendo 3DS console and are reset if a game is played on a different console than the one it was registered on. In addition to no duplicate Pokémon or held items being allowed, special Pokémon are also prohibited. The Soul Dew is also prohibited in the Generation VI games.

In addition to the standard battle formats, Special Battles (Japanese: スペシャルバトル Special Battle) are also available, which have different regulations with a unique format for each season.

Online Competitions

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Online Competitions (Japanese: インターネット大会 Internet Competition) are competitions held by the Pokémon Global Link. They replace the Wi-Fi Competition feature from Generation V. Players must register for an Online Competition in advance. Upon selecting a team and placing it in the Battle Box, it is locked and cannot be changed for the duration of the tournament.

Competitions typically last three days, though some competitions have lasted four or five days. Players can only battles a set number of times each day during the competition, usually ten. Players who participate in a sufficient number of battles can receive a reward, typically 1000 Poké Miles or 50 Battle Points, but occasionally an event Pokémon or item will be distributed instead. International Challenges allow players to receive Championship Points to qualify for VGC tournaments.

Friendly Competitions

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Players can participate in online format Friendly Competitions through the Battle Spot in Generation VII. A Friendly Competition can be created on the Pokémon Global Link website.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 對戰地點 Deuijin Deihdím
Mandarin 對戰地點 / 对战地点 Duìzhàn Dìdiǎn
  French Coin combats (VI)
Coin Combats (VII)
  German Kampf-Plaza
  Italian Punto Lotta
  Korean 배틀스폿 Battle Spot
  Spanish Área de Combate

Random Matchup

Language Title
  French Rencontre Aléatoire
  German Zufallsmatch
  Italian Abbinamento a Caso
  Korean 랜덤매치 Random Match
  Spanish Emparejamiento Aleatorio

Free Battle

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 自由對戰 Jihyàuh Deuijin
Mandarin 自由對戰 / 自由对战 Zìyóu Duìzhàn
  French Combat Libre
  German Freier Kampf
  Italian Lotta Aperta
  Korean 프리배틀 Free Battle
  Spanish Combate Libre

Rating Battle

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 積分對戰 Jīkfān Deuijin
Mandarin 積分對戰 / 积分对战 Jīfēn Duìzhàn
  French Combat en mode Rang
  German Bewerteter Kampf
  Italian Lotta a Punteggio
  Korean 레이팅배틀 Rating Battle
  Spanish Combate por Puntos

Special Battle

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 特殊對戰 Dahksyùh Deuijin
Mandarin 特殊對戰 / 特殊对战 Tèshū Duìzhàn
  French Combat Spécial
  German Spezialkampf
  Italian Lotta Speciale
  Korean 스페셜 배틀 Special Battle
  Spanish Combate Especial

Online Competition

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 網路大賽 Móhnglouh Daaihchoi
Mandarin 網路大賽 Wǎnglù Dàsài *
互联网大赛 Hùliánwǎng Dàsài *
  French Compétition Internet
  German Online-Turnier
  Italian Gara Online
  Korean 인터넷 대회 Internet Daehoe
  Spanish Torneo en Línea

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