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Pokémon the Series: Black & White
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Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!
BW016   EP673
The Shippou Gym Rematch! An Explosive New Move!!
First broadcast
Japan January 13, 2011
United States May 21, 2011
English themes
Opening Black and White
Japanese themes
Opening ベストウイッシュ!
Ending 心のファンファーレ
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 藤田伸三 Shinzō Fujita
Storyboard 矢嶋哲生 Tetsuo Yajima
Assistant director 岩崎友和 Tomokazu Iwasaki
Animation director 原田峰文 Minefumi Harada
Additional credits

Rematch at the Nacrene Gym! (Japanese: 再戦シッポウジム!新技炸裂!! The Shippou Gym Rematch! An Explosive New Move!!) is the 16th episode of Pokémon the Series: Black & White, and the 673rd episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on January 13, 2011 and in the United States on May 21, 2011.

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Before returning to the Nacrene City Gym for a rematch against Lenora, Ash has decided to get some practice in first. He heads to the Pokémon Battle Club and enlists the aid of Don George for some special training. With the aid of a lavishly equipped training room, Ash, Tepig, and Oshawott train intensely, and all three increase their speed and power—just what’s needed to win at the Nacrene Gym!

The rematch is another two-on-two battle. Lenora uses her Watchog and Herdier (newly evolved from the Lillipup Ash faced last time), and Ash uses Tepig and Oshawott. Right away, Lenora can see the big improvement in the speed and power of Ash’s Pokémon, but she’s not about to go easy on them! When she uses her famous combination of Herdier’s Roar and Watchog’s Mean Look, Ash has the perfect counterattack, and Oshawott springs into action with its newly learned Aqua Jet! By odd circumstance, both Oshawott and Watchog end up unable to battle, leaving each side with one Pokémon. A fierce battle ensues between Tepig and Herdier, but Tepig’s speed and power prove undeniable. Ash and Tepig emerge victorious and win the Basic Badge!

Next, our heroes head off toward Castelia City, where Ash hopes to win his third Gym Badge in the Unova region!


Don George invites Ash and his friends into his Battle Club’s training room, where they can train to heart's content with all kinds of weights and other machines to help. Ash thanks him, and Don George says that they will start with Tepig and points out a treadmill. Ash is excited, and calls out Tepig from his Poké Ball. Don George advises Ash that in order to win against Lenora, he will need to raise the speed of his Pokémon, as well as the power of their moves. As Ash encourages Tepig to train thoroughly, Don George says that he has to train as well. Ash is confused, so Don George explains that in order to not become startled by the combo of Roar and Mean Look, as well as to gain the ability to act promptly, the Trainer needs to improve their own skills as well. Ash says that he understands, and runs alongside Tepig on the treadmill. As Don George raises the speed on the treadmill, Axew wants to run on the treadmill too, but Iris picks him up, and warns him that the treadmill is not a toy.

Switching gears, Don George announces that the warm-up session is over, and that they will move on to the next step before using the controls to fire balls at Ash and Tepig for them to dodge, and says to pretend that the rubber balls are Shadow Balls. While Tepig dodges the first ball, Ash gets a ball to the face, knocking him off the treadmill. Ash makes the excuse that he just let his guard down, and asks Don George if he can try again, to which Don George agrees. Ash and Tepig get right back up on the treadmill. Don George orders them to dodge and attack, reminding them that the Shadow Balls that Lenora and her Pokémon use are not this easy. He fires off a barrage of rubber balls, all of which Ash and Tepig dodge successfully. Don George says that he is going to ratchet up the speed on the machine another notch, and says that now they will even have Shadow Balls coming from behind. After he says this, another pair of cannons rise out of the floor. With all four cannons to contend with, Ash tells Tepig to block them with an Ember attack, and Tepig tries his best, but the balls end up knocking them backwards off the treadmill again. Ash comments that it is just no use, that Ember is just not strong enough, but Don George reaches to help Ash up, reminding him that by continuing to practice, Tepig's speed and the power of his moves will increase. Ash and Tepig both agree wholeheartedly and continue their training. Sometime later, Ash and Tepig are both exhausted, and Iris observes that compared to when they started, their speed seems to have gone up quite a lot. Don George says that is enough for now, and suggests that Tepig be allowed to rest for a while, while Oshawott and Ash train together next.

For the next exercise, Don George shows Ash to the swimming pool. Ash calls out Oshawott, who enthusiastically jumps into the pool and begins paddling back and forth. Ash reminds him that they are there to train, not to play. Don George agrees, and moves to the controls. He says that he will add a current into the pool, and that Ash and Oshawott should swim against the current to increase their physical strength and explosive power. Oshawott is working hard to swim against the current, with encouragement from Ash. Don George admonishes that they won't be able to win against Lenora like this, and to swim with all of their might. Axew, who wanders over to the control panel and jumps up on top of it. Loving all of the bright lights and colors, Axew starts hitting buttons at random, which causes a massive wave to sweep Ash and Oshawott away. Don George is shocked, and Pikachu draws his attention to Axew. Iris, Cilan, and Tepig enter the room, with Iris happy to have found Axew. Ash takes Oshawott under his arm, and hurls Oshawott up a waterfall-like part of the pool, and Don George says to slide back down. On the descent, Oshawott begins to glow blue and surround itself with a jet of water. Don George orders Oshawott to aim for a target on the wall, but Oshawott falls just short and lands on a pad in front of it. Iris, Cilan and Axew run up, confirming that Oshawott has just learned Aqua Jet. Ash is also excited by the news, only to slip on the stairs and fall back into the pool. Don George asks if he is all right, to which Ash responds in the affirmative.

Later on, Ash and Tepig are back on the treadmill, dodging rubber balls again, and Tepig's Ember attack is noticeably more powerful than before, as he is able to block several balls at once with it, and the ball on his tail glows red before he uses it now. Ash vows that they will definitely win against Lenora this time, and encourages Tepig to go for it. Suddenly Tepig starts glowing red, and is surrounded by fire, which shocks everyone, and causes Ash to exclaim with delight.

The next day, back at the Nacrene Gym, Lenora says that she knew Ash would return, and is pleased to see his swell in confidence. Lenora promises to make the match memorable, and call out her two choices: Watchog, but he doesn't recognize the other Pokémon, so he pulls out his Pokédex to scan it, and finds out that it is Herdier, the evolved form of Lillipup. Iris is shocked to see that Lenora will be battling with different Pokémon from the last battle, but Cilan posits that Lenora is hoping to bring out Ash's strength, given his progress.

Ash says that Herdier is without a doubt even stronger than Lillipup, and hearing this Lenora decides that Herdier will be battling first. Ash calls out his Tepig, while Hawes takes his place as the referee and announces that the two-on-two Pokémon battle with substitutions will now begin. Ash is given the first move, and he calls for an Ember. But before the attack can land, Lenora calls for a Protect attack from Herdier, which completely blocks Tepig's Ember. Lenora calls for a Shadow Ball counterattack from Herdier. Herdier attacks by launching four spinning Shadow Balls at once, so Tepig dodges and uses Ember to destroy the attack. Ash calls for a Tackle attack from Tepig, but in response, Lenora orders a Roar, which stops Tepig in his tracks, and forces him back into his Poké Ball while Oshawott comes out on the battlefield.

Lenora switches Herdier for Watchog, and immediately orders a Mean Look attack, trapping Oshawott and preventing Ash from switching out. Ash says that he knew that Lenora would use this strategy, and Lenora responds that she hopes that means that he has a counter for it. Ash responds that of course he does, and calls for a Razor Shell. Lenora orders Watchog to dodge, but Oshawott scores a hit. Ash orders Oshawott to show them his new move, and orders an Aqua Jet attack. Unfortunately, Oshawott is still having problems aiming, and after zooming crazily around the Gym he crashes into the battlefield. Ash checks if Oshawott is okay, before ordering Aqua Jet once more. Once again however, Oshawott zooms around crazily and then crashes. Lenora is impressed by the progress, to which Ash vows to win no matter what, and orders a Water Gun attack from Oshawott. Unfortunately, before the attack can land, Watchog dodges, and Lenora orders a Confuse Ray attack, which confuses Oshawott. Lenora calls for a Thunderbolt attack, which eventually overwhelms Oshawott’s scalchop defence. Ash tells Oshawott not to give up, and orders a Water Gun attack. However, due to the confusion, Oshawott ends up hitting the wall. Surprisingly Ash orders another Aqua Jet. Lenora says that it is time to end this, and calls for another Thunderbolt attack from Watchog. The attack causes Oshawott to ricochet off of the ceiling, straight towards Watchog. Oshawott impacts down on Watchog with Aqua Jet, causing a huge explosion, and when the smoke clears, both Watchog and Oshawott have fainted. Hawes declares that they are both unable to battle.

Lenora proclaims that Ash's luck won't last forever and calls out Herdier. Ash calls out Tepig, and just like round one, calls for an Ember attack to start things off. Just like last time, Lenora has Herdier Protect itself. Ash calls for Tepig to use Tackle, which is a hit, and sends Herdier sprawling. Ash calls for Tepig to use Tackle once more, and in response, Lenora has Herdier use Shadow Ball. Tepig tries to dodge, but it gets hit at close-range. Lenora orders Herdier to use Giga Impact, which causes a huge explosion, and sends Tepig backwards. Tepig gets up in time to dodge an oncoming barrage of Shadow Balls, but it is obvious that Tepig is running out of steam. Recognizing Tepig's weakness, Lenora calls for another Shadow Ball attack, and Ash encourages Tepig to dodge. Ash says it is time to finish this, and calls for Tepig to unleash all of his Fire power, and use Flame Charge. In response, Lenora calls for another Giga Impact from Herdier, and the two attacks collide in a huge explosion. As the dust clears, both Herdier and Tepig struggle to stand up, and are both urged to get up by their Trainers. Finally they both get up and stare down at each other for a brief moment until finally Herdier faints. Hawes declares that Herdier is unable to battle, awards the victory to Ash and Tepig.

Ash runs forward to thank Tepig for all of his hard work, and Iris and Cilan run forward to congratulate them as well. Cilan comments that today's main dish, Tepig's Flame Charge, was truly effective, and that this battle had a profound taste. Lenora approaches and says it is just as Cilan said, and that Ash is quite something. Lenora says that she fell in love with the way that Ash battled, and Ash thanks her. She presents him with the Basic Badge, and tells him to keep fighting by believing in his Pokémon.

Later on that day, back at the Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy gives Ash his Egg back, and reveals that it should hatch soon. This excites Ash, and she tells him to keep raising it with care, which he agrees to do. Outside, Cilan finds that of all the towns with a Gym, Castelia City is the closest. Iris asks if Ash will challenge the Castelia Gym, and Ash responds that of course he will, and he will get his third Badge as well.

Major events

Ash holding the Basic Badge
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Pokémon debuts




Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Herdier



  • As the group observes Ash and Tepig running on the treadmill, Axew's head is discolored.
  • In the English dub:
    • In one scene, Lenora's sleeves are colored the same colors as the background.
    • In one scene, the beige and orange colors on Lenora's headband swapped the places with following orders, orange goes with beige and ends with an orange color.
    • In the first half of the Who's That Pokémon? segment, the Pokémon: Black and White logo is missing.

Dub edits

  • The English dub states that Lenora's Herdier evolved from her Lillipup, but this was never stated in the original Japanese version.
  • Lenora's apron is once again removed in the English dub.
  • In the Japanese version, Cilan says that Oshawott's Aqua Jet has a questionable taste. In the English dub, he says that it's a bit steady, even after that hard work.

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