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Back at the Guild and The Errand

You wake up, Loudred being your alarm clock for the first time in days. After the morning cheers, Chatot calls you over and asks if you can go to Treasure Town to the Kecleon Shop to find if the Kecleon Brothers are planning to stock any Perfect Apples. Exit the Guild and head over to the further part of Treasure Town.

Before they can go to Treasure Town, however, Diglett can't seem to identify the footprint, Loudred being extremely nagging. Loudred says it's such a great surprise that Diglett can't identify the footprint, since he is excellent at his job...but it wouldn't be such a surprise if it was Team ____ doing it, causing your partner to get angry.

When the hassle is over, it's revealed the person at the grate was Dusknoir, a famous explorer who knows practically everything. Once you go down to see the commotion, Dusknoir is there, chatting away with Wigglytuff and Chatot as the guild's members look on. Chatot strictly orders no autographs, however Dusknoir says he is more than happy to help with autographs.

After this, you go to do your errand. Once you get to the shop, you see Dusknoir there, talking to the Kecleon Brothers, who are looking extremely excited at the prospect of talking to the "Famous Dusknoir". Your partner is also looking excited, and goes up to him. Dusknoir greets you happily.

Your partner than remembers about the errand Chatot gave you, and asks the Kecleon Brothers whether or not they are planning to stock Perfect Apples. Unfortunately, the Kecleon Brothers state that there is no plan whatsoever to go and stock Perfect Apples, leaving Team ____ gloomy. However, something comes to cheer them up: It's Marill and Azurill! They greet each other again, and your partner ask how they are doing with their item search. Marill says that the Water Float has been spotted! Someone said it was at the beach.

Your partner gets happy for them, and your team returns to the guild.

The Mission

You, apparently, have to report to Chatot about the non--existent Perfect Apples. Chatot gets upset and says he'll go to Apple Woods himself. Then, suddenly, Loudred comes down and says Team ____ has visitors!

When you get outside, you see that it's Marill and Azurill again, looking extremely worried. Marill explains that while they thought the Water Float was on the beach, it turned out to be false. They read a letter to the team, which worries him/her and tells them not to go. Marill says he already tried going there, without Azurill since Azurill is too little. However, there were many Electric types there that knocked Marill out easily! So they asked your team for a favor...

And so you agreed to go to Amp Plains, despite its danger.

When Dusknoir hears of this, he gets suddenly worried. Apparently at this time something bad was going on, and that he must stop Team ____ form going, leaving the Kecleon Brothers extremely confused and worried.

Amp Plains

Like Marill said, there are plenty of Electric types here, being the main type, however you could find Flying types and Normal types. The real annoyer here is the Static ability as well as paralysis, which makes you unable to attack.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Plusle 1-5 19 8.2%
  Minun 1-5 19 8.2%
  Mareep 1-7 17 8.2%
  Phanpy 1-8 17 8.2%
  Elekid 1-8 14-15 8.2%
  Shinx 4-11 16-18 8.2%
  Girafarig 5-16 17-18 6.4%
  Zapdos 7 49 10% *
  Flaaffy 8-15 18-19 0.5%
  Pikachu 9-14 36 8.2%
  Pichu 9-14 12 5.1%
  Yanmega 9-14 18-20 -10%
  Electabuzz 10-19 21-22 0.5%
  Tauros 11-19 19-20 6.4%
  Dodrio 12-19 23 0.5%
  Electrike 13-21 21 6.4%
  Luxio 15-19 13 0.5%
  Manectric 15-19 43 -4.5%
  Ampharos 16-19 20 -4.5%

The boss here used to be the Luxray tribe, however it was changed to the Manectric tribe. If you have Spore, which Paras and Shroomish can learn (both of which can be found in earlier levels) then you can make everyone fall asleep. If you have Lava Plume or Earthquake (which is suggested) or anything that hits every foe in the room like a monster house, then it will be really good to use here. 8 Electrike and one Manectric to defeat.

Despite there's a lot of Pokémon here, and you need to use something that can hit everyone in the room, do not use Discharge. Using it will only make it get absorbed by one of the Electrike's Lightningrod.

After the Battle

After the battle, you will notice the Water Float behind the rock Manectric was in front of. However, Team Skull comes! You and your partner thought they were finished for at the expedition, but it turns out they survived it. When they are about to use their Noxious Special Gas Combo (Zubat hides quickly behind the rock) Dusknoir arrives! He easily saves you from the attack and tells Team Skull that, if they want a battle, they'll have to do it with Dusknoir on your side. However, Team Skull stamped that one by saying, "We were going to do it with just the wimps...but with the great Dusknoir?" and they flee.

Later, you're giving the Water Float in the rightful place--in Azurill's hands. They can't thank you enough, and they leave. The Kecleon Brothers are amazed at your brilliance for helping the Marill and Azurill brothers for the second time, and he was especially impressed on the first one, where Team ___ tracked Azurill's location just like that!

Your partner gets quite modest, however he/she explains that he/she had help with that first one, since you simply touched something and saw a vision. Dusknoir gets a bit excited and tells them that the ability you have is called the Dimensional Scream. Your partner gets excited, and you, your partner, and Dusknoir head over to the beach to discuss it.

As you discuss, there's a very mysterious part where Dusknoir wonders what your name is, and when you tell him the name, he appears to hide the faintest of smiles. Enough of that, however, since your partner just noticed the unusual amount of Pelipper flying in the sky today. Soon Bidoof comes to warn you there is something going on at the guild, and you and your partner, including Dusknoir, go off to see what the problem is.

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