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Alanna (Japanese: アキナ Akina) is a character of the day who appeared in A Poké-BLOCK Party.

Alanna met Ash and his friends outside of the Trick House. Like them, she wanted to enter the Trick House contest in order to win the one-year supply of Pokéblocks. She was accompanied by her Whismur. Alanna seemed to be a fan of The King of Tricks. While May thought he was crazy, Alanna believed he was eccentric.

During the maze portion of the Trick House, Alanna got separated from her Whismur. Team Rocket wasted no time and used this opportunity to steal Whismur and give it to the boss. Unfortunately, they couldn't find their way out of the maze.

The protagonists soon got out of the maze at the same time as Team Rocket. Alanna saw that they had her Whismur, but because Team Rocket were wearing disguises, she thought that they had rescued it.

Alanna stuck with Ash and the gang through the rest of the Trick House. However, they kept getting sabotaged by Team Rocket. The trio eventually attempted to steal Whismur and Ash's Pikachu again. This time, Ash and Alanna battled them and sent Team Rocket blasting off. Unfortunately, none of them reached the end of the Trick House first, as a boy named Ivan was the winner.

Alanna's Whismur developed a friendship with the recurring Jigglypuff as, due to its Ability, it was the only one who did not fall asleep during its song. By the end of the episode, Whismur was tired from all the battling and went to sleep. Jigglypuff believed that it fell asleep because of its song and got mad at it.



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This is a list of Alanna's known Pokémon:

Alanna's Whismur
Whismur is Alanna's main Pokémon. It was the only Pokémon that stayed awake when Jigglypuff used Sing on the whole audience. Whismur was used throughout the Pokémon Trick House to guide Ash and his friends when they were in the maze. When Team Rocket came by and stole it along with Pikachu, it escaped from their clutches with its strong attacks. After fighting Team Rocket, it became exhausted, causing it to fall asleep when Jigglypuff used Sing (not from the singing itself, as was Jigglypuff's assumption).

Whismur's known moves are Screech, Supersonic, and Hyper Voice, and its Ability is Soundproof.

Debut A Pokéblock Party!
Voice actors
Japanese Makoto Tsumura

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 能登麻美子 Mamiko Noto
English Amy Birnbaum
Italian Elisabetta Spinelli
Polish Iwona Rulewicz
European Spanish Isacha Mengíbar



Language Name Origin
Russian Аланна Alanna Transcription of English name

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