2008 Burger King promotional Pokémon toys

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The 2008 Burger King promotional Pokémon toys are a set of toys distributed with Kids Meals at Burger King which were given away between July 7 and August 12, 2008. Every toy was paired with an English Diamond & Pearl or Mysterious Treasures trading card. There are twelve toys in total, including plastic figures, plushes, and card caddies.

A checklist showing all available cards

Pokémon Toys

Card Caddies

Plastic Figures


Pokémon Cards

Burger King 2008 Collection
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
76/130   Chimchar     Promotion
49/130   Grotle     Promotion
52/123   Happiny     Promotion
6/130   Lucario     Promotion
9/130   Manaphy     Promotion
56/130   Monferno     Promotion
35/130   Pachirisu     Promotion
94/123   Pikachu     Promotion
93/130   Piplup     Promotion
58/130   Prinplup     Promotion
98/130   Shinx     Promotion
103/130   Turtwig     Promotion



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