2003 Wendy's promotional Pokémon toys

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The 2003 Wendy's promotional Pokémon toys were a set of five toys distributed with Kids Meals at Wendy's restaurants starting on May 19, 2003. Each toy also came with one of fifteen cards.

Pokémon toys

Pikachu Clock

An alarm clock featuring Pikachu was released. It featured digital time and the ability to set alarms.

Pikachu Keychain

A plastic keychain featuring Pikachu was released. It had a yellow keychain string attached to it.

Kecleon Keychain

A keychain featuring Kecleon was released.

Celebi Compass

A compass featuring Celebi, it came enclosed in a case featuring one of fifteen cards in the set.

Charizard Card Caddy

A plastic card holder featuring Charizard. It was able to hold cards.

Pokémon Cards

Wendy's Kids Cards

Card Number Pokémon
01/15 Pikachu
02/15 Charizard
03/15 Mewtwo
04/15 Tyranitar
05/15 Lugia
06/15 Feraligatr
07/15 Gyarados
08/15 Kyogre
09/15 Latios & Latias
10/15 Torchic
11/15 Groudon
12/15 Mudkip
13/15 Duskull
14/15 Treecko
15/15 Kecleon

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