2022 McDonald's promotional Pokémon toys

Display stand in UK McDonald's

The 2022 McDonald's promotional Pokémon toys were distributed in McDonald's restaurants in 2022. Each toy came with a pack of four pre-selected TCG cards from the McDonald's Collection 2022.

Promotions were held at different times depending upon country:

Pokémon Match Battle

Each Happy Meal included an envelope with the components to play Pokémon Match Battle; a pack of four pre-selected TCG cards from the McDonald's Collection 2022, a plastic or cardboard spinner, a cardboard coin and instructions. Printed on the spinner are six symbols, five of which correspond to a stat shown on each Pokémon Trading Card, and the sixth denoting a reverse in the direction of play.

Plastic spinners

To start the game, each player is given one of the four cards (up to four players can play with each pack) and the youngest player goes first, with play then continuing in a clockwise direction. The coin is flipped to decide if highest or lowest stat wins that turn, with heads being high and tails being low. The spinner is then spun to find out which of the five stats will be compared, and each player then examines their card to see who has the highest or lowest score, depending on the result of the coin flip. However, if the spinner lands on the change of direction symbol, the direction of play is instead reversed to the previous player, and they take their turn instead. The player with the highest or lowest score each turn wins a point, and the first player to reach three points wins.

The stats that can be compared are HP, weight, height, Pokédex number or card number.

Happy Readers

In the United Kingdom, as an alternative to the regular toy, it was possible to ask for a book instead. Two books were available, both published by Scholastic, The Pokémon Essential Handbook: Ultimate Edition and The Pokémon Essential Handbook: Deluxe Edition. The books were also available from the Happy Readers section of the McDonald's UK website as free PDF files during the promotional period.[4]

Possible Cards

McDonald's Collection 2022
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
1/15   Ledyba   Promotion
2/15   Rowlet   Promotion
3/15   Gossifleur   Promotion
4/15 Growlithe   Promotion
5/15   Victini   Promotion
6/15 Lapras   Promotion
7/15   Pikachu   Promotion
8/15   Chinchou   Promotion
9/15   Flaaffy   Promotion
10/15   Tynamo   Promotion
11/15   Cutiefly   Promotion
12/15   Bewear   Promotion
13/15   Pangoro   Promotion
14/15 Drampa   Promotion
15/15 Smeargle   Promotion


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