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Welcome to my Userpage.

My history with Pokémon

My first Pokémon game was Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire fir the Game Boy Advance. It was my favorite game for the system. At this point I had to wait another 2 years before I would get my first real Pokémon game. Jump ahead two years and it's my birthday. My parents get me Pokémon FireRed and my grandparents get me Pokémon Emerald. Two Pokémon games at the same time!! Wow! I had to decide which I would play first (FireRed winning). I rush through one and get to the other.

Jump ahead to 2007. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are released and I can't wait to get them, but I have to wait a year to get one. In 2008, I get Pearl Version for my birthday. I was so ready for this and when I read that Platinum was coming out I was excited. ASAP I made my way to my local Target and preorderd Platinum.

Jump to 2010. Now I had preorderd SoulSilver and was awaiting my copy to get here. Then, I hear about Black and White and want them too. Currently I am replaying Black.

Current Black status

Coming soon

Current SoulSilver status

Current Game
ID No. 46213
Seen: 217
Caught: 88


Seen: 305
Caught: 143


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