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 Thank you, and have a good time editing here!
  --D i o n 2 4 09:18, 7 November 2009 (UTC)  


First off, no need to leave the same message on two talk pages. I know you were trying to talk to an admin as soon as possible, but one message to one admin is enough. Even then, other admins such as myself will most likely see the message if we are online. So please, don't do that again. As for Zapdos, we are currently in the process of finding the real answer ourselves, so please bear with us. Porygon-Z 07:11, 10 November 2009 (UTC)

Movie 13

No we're not making the page yet. Where'd you get your info from? TTEchidna 05:13, 9 December 2009 (UTC)

Uhm The front web page ? http://bulbanews.bulbagarden.net/wiki/The_Pok%C3%A9mon_Company_Opens_Official_Twitter_Page and the official twitter page which revealed that Arceus could be in a cameo in a future movie which means they're surely to make a new movie.

Everything they said on their Twitter page regarding future events was vague BS, neither confirming nor denying anything (except stating that HGSS is coming out in the spring, which everyone already knew anyway). It is certainly not enough to warrant a page about movie 13. Besides, Legendaries always make cameos in every single movie (the beginning introductory bit, remember?). 梅子 05:25, 9 December 2009 (UTC)

They did confirm generation 5 was going to come out.


Please remember to sign your comments with four tildes (~~~~) or, by using the button_sig.png button that's above the edit window. Thanks, - Kogoro | Talk to me - 06:11, 11 December 2009 (UTC)

The Preview Button

Instead of editing a page several times in a row, try using the preview button to make sure your edit looks the way you want it to. It's right next to the Save Changes button... Please try it out, so as not to clog up the Recent Changes. Thanks! --Jo the Marten ಠ_ಠ 07:50, 18 October 2012 (UTC)

Redlink fix.

Hi there. I want to inform you that the usertags of the Kalos starters you currently have on your page create redlinks. That's because it links to a file that doesn't exist. Unlike the earlier generations, the Kalos Pokémon usertags don't use sprites. Now there are two options: use {{User Starter|650Chespin|Chespin}}, so the official artwork will show up in the usertag, or use {{User Starter|650MS|Chespin}}, so the official menusprite will show up instead. You can use either one, it's what you prefer. Thanks and happy editing! ☼ BlazingFist ☼ 09:06, 6 May 2014 (UTC)

Userspace limits

Hello. I have noticed that you have been editing the User: namespace a lot recently, and have made a total of four userspace edits today. Please do not edit the userspace any more, as the userspace policy limits the amount you can edit your userpage: No more than three edits per day (by UTC), and you must contribute to the mainspace more than you edit your user page(s). This policy was instated to promote people helping out in the mainspace, and also to control strain on our servers. Bulbapedia is an encyclopedia, after all, so help us out by contributing to some articles before coming back to your personal page(s). The more often you edit in the mainspace, the more you will be allowed to edit your user page(s). Thank you. --- RubyLeafGreenCrystal (talk) 06:57, 6 February 2018 (UTC)