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Better known as Ultimate Toad now

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I'm Ultimate Toad, or here I use my old and somewhat cheesy name SupaToad64. I'm more of an EarthBound enthusiast who is an administrator on WikiBound and also a rollbacker on SmashWiki, which are the wikis I am the most invested in. I don't edit here much since I'm not a Pokemon expert. Oh, I guess I should mention I'm also on Super Mario Wiki, where I edit even less than I do here.

Bio stuff

I consider myself an amateur Pokemon player. I don't think I'll ever get to be competitive, but... I do play on set mode and stopped using items in battle at least, so I guess that means I'm somewhat good. Pokemon Platinum is my favorite Pokemon game and one of my all time favorite video games ever.

Psychic is my favorite type because EarthBound is my #1 favorite video game. I also have a liking for the water and electric types, especially the former.

Cats are my favorite animal, and I like *most* feline Pokemon. Torracat is my all time favorite Pokemon and Shinx is second, I don't care that the latter is stuck with the physical-electric type curse.

I like exploiting the glitches in the old generations. For the most part I've been making edits related to glitches. I wrote how you can obtain all the possible obtainable Pokemon using the coin case with box names.

Finally I'm a fan of the legendary Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal. WHAT DON'T STARE ME ALWAYS

Other wikis

Contact me on WikiBound or SmashWiki since I don't come here that much


  • I was able to complete the Pokedex in Yellow on my modded SNES mini, meaning I had to use the Mew glitch for anything unobtainable due to the inability to trade.
  • When I first played Pokemon Yellow (the first game I ever played) I got stuck in Cerulean City for 3 hours. After beating Misty she said "PKMN up to level 30 will obey" and "You can use Cut" so I thought I'm supposed to train my Ivysaur to level 30 for him to learn cut so I can open the path out. Because it was taking forever I gave up and looked up a walkthrough of Cerulean to find out how to leave... and guess what: that's how I discovered Bulbapedia :p.
  • In Ultra Moon I battle tree grinded for rare candies to set my Torracat to level 100, so that he never evolves.