Simon Chuu
추사몬 Simon
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Gender Male
Birthday October 2
Blood type O
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown-Black
Hometown South Korea
Region New York City
Trainer class Trainer, Pokémon Breeder
Leader of NYC Gym
Badge Lightening Badge
Specializes in Electric

Simon Chuu, known by the username SimonOrJ, is a Korean recurring Bulbapedia (and Wikipedia) article editor who like to fix grammatical, pronunciation, and translation errors.


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June 4th, 2011


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Simon on Bulbapedia

Simon decided to make this account after spotting translation error on "Thunderbolt". Instead of "백만볼트", somebody wrote "아리언테일" as the Korean translation of this move. He made an account and fix the error.

After getting used to MediaWiki codes, I started to add Korean translations and pronunciations for a lot of pages. I'm not perfect (just like everybody), so if there's any error in his work, notify him in his User Talk page.

He started to get interested on Pokémon after watching Advanced Generation series in Korean. He prefers Diamond & Pearl series because, in his past opinion, it contains the most "Relationships", usually between Pikachu and Buneary. Nowadays, he enjoys watching My Little Pony.

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