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Within the various Pokémon manga, there are several times that certain emphasis is focused on two characters' relationship, more than others, leading fans to imagine characters being in a relationship together. These can develop deeper over several arcs or even be entirely based on individual chapters. The majority of these ships are based around the Pokédex holders of Pokémon Adventures, however there are close relationships shown within the other manga.

Pokémon Adventures

Black and White

Black x White

Commonly referred to as AgencyShipping, referring to the BW Agency which is owned and managed by White and which Black is employed by.

Throughout their adventure, White comments multiple times on how attractive she thinks Black is, with multiple panels utilizing sparkly backdrops usually reserved for romantic scenes. The pair is also assumed to be a couple in At Liberty on Liberty Garden by the massage spa manager. In The Lesson Ends Here Iris comments how sweet their reunion is and that White is someone who really understands Black. During the Black 2 & White 2 chapter Dream World, Black tells White to hold onto his hand and she promises that she'll never let him go again.

Diamond admires Platinum

Diamond x Platinum

Commonly referred to as CommonerShipping, a reference to the social status of Diamond, a commoner, compared to the wealthy Platinum.

Early on it is established that Diamond is infatuated with Platinum, even commenting on how she is like a princess when they meet in Stagestruck Starly. Frequently Diamond is seen going above and beyond to protect Platinum and shielding her from any signs of danger. Diamond also tries to treat any wounds Platinum receives, worrying about her wellbeing as seen in A Big Stink Over Stunky. Platinum seems to enjoy most of Diamond's antics and even giggles at most of his jokes.

Green thanking Red for fighting for her sake

Green x Red

Commonly referred to as LuckyShipping, however the names origins are uncertain. One theory states that Green's growth as a person from her origin story after meeting Red drastically improved her living condition and life. As she grows to deeply care for Red, it is assumed that she is "lucky" to have met Red as her interactions with him have led her to overcome her fears and eventually be reunited with her parents. Another theory is simply that Red and Green are lucky to have each other, or lucky to have met.

Despite Green's inital schemes in Wartortle Wars, the pair even work together during The Jynx Jinx to protect Mew from Team Rocket. It is Green who sets the wheels in motion for the Yellow chapter arc as well, being the one to send Yellow on a mission to find him. In ...Now You Don't , Red carried Green to hospital after sending Poli to save her when she falls off a ship, the concern for her health continues in Going Green .

Green and Silver

Green x Silver

Commonly referred to as ChosenShipping, due to the fact that Green and Silver were both kidnapped and chosen to be a part of the Masked Children by the Masked Man. It has also been called ChoosenShipping, originating from the Japanese characters 挑戦 (chōsen; pronounced choh-sen) to mean 'challenge' or 'defiance'. This is in reference to the fact that Green and Silver are the only children to defy the Masked Man, while the others chose to follow in his footsteps.

As children, the pair were made partners by the Masked Man where they formed a close bond, something which the Masked Man used to taunt and manipulate Silver throughout the manga events. In The Last Battle VII Silver admits that he wants to fight alongside and protect Green. Returning the favour in The Last Battle XIV Green prevents Blue handing Silver over to the authorities. It is revealed in The Escape that Silver made Green's new outfit as well and believes that she'd look "gorgeous" in it.

Sapphire confessing her feelings to Ruby

Ruby x Sapphire

Commonly referred to as FranticShipping, although its naming origins are uncertain. It features the pairing of Ruby and Sapphire. The relationship between the two characters is probably the most defined in Pokémon Adventures as both characters have admitted their feelings to each other, making this shipping canon.

In the past as revealed in The Beginning of the End with Kyogre & Groudon XIV, when Norman was taking his Gym Leader exam, Professor Birch visited and the two children played together. Ruby and Sapphire look back describing that time as one of the best in their lives. However it was ruined by the arrival of a wild Salamence. Ruby, to protect Sapphire, attacked the Salamence eventually driving it away. He got hurt in the process, getting a cut across the side of his forehead. When Ruby looked back to reassure Sapphire that the Salamence had gone, he was surprised to see her crying. She then said, " scary." That becomes a huge turning point for Ruby and Sapphire. Ruby thinks that he had shocked her with how brutally he fought and had "tainted her crystal clear heart." He vows never to show his true strength in front of anybody ever again. Sapphire also makes a vow. She believes it is because of her inability to fight that got him hurt and by crying she had hurt his pride. So by becoming stronger, she planned on having the ability to protect herself and the others around her. Years later, Ruby became a boy who prefers to groom his Pokémon, while Sapphire starts to believe that the strength of a Pokémon is more important than its looks.

In the present day, despite an intimidating first meeting in Making Mirth with Mightyena, Ruby makes Sapphire a set of clothes to wear on her journey. He makes her a new set after she destroys the old ones in The Beginning of the End with Kyogre & Groudon VI claiming, "I thought that you would like it.". In Rayquaza Redemption II Sapphire admits to liking the boy from her memory before realising it is Ruby, after which he reveals that he likes her too.

Red saves Yellow from the wild Dratini

Red x Yellow

A pairing between Red and Yellow commonly referred to as SpecialShipping, a reference to the Japanese name of Pokémon Adventures, Pokémon Special.

Early on in the series during the chapter Drat That Dratini!, Red protected Yellow from a wild Dratini and helped teach her to catch her first Pokémon Ratty, teaching her that Pokémon will always be their friends as long as they care for them with a kind and gentle heart. Two chapters later in Long Live the Nidoqueen!?, Yellow nurses Red back to health after his defeated by Giovanni.

During her own chapter, and while disguising her identity, she sets out to find Red who had been missing, with almost all her actions motivated towards finding him. After the events of The Legend, Yellow wakes up after having been saved by Red and blushes when she realises that she is right next to Red on his Gyarados, and again when Red pats her on her head and commends her effort. She subsequently discovers that a piece of her Caterpie's String Shot is tied around both her and Red's pinky fingers, causing her to blush (again) and freak out, as this is similar to the way lovers are often portrayed in some cultures as having red threads tied around their pinkies and Red suggests they should live together.

Almond and Hazel holding hands; from the title page of the tenth volume of Magical Pokémon Journey
Brock comforting Sabrina

Magical Pokémon Journey

Almond x Hazel

Commonly called SeasonShipping, it is the belief in love between Hazel and Almond. Hazel's crush on Almond is an integral part of Magical Pokémon Journey, which follows the story of Hazel attempting to make Almond fall in love with her.

During Adventuring The Stone, Grandpa's introduction refers to Hazel running after "her boyfriend Almond all the time" and Hazel tells Squirtle that she understands how it feels to be in love with Almond. Hazel and Coconut develop a rivalry for Almond's affections in Eevee... Pokémon Genius! after they both want to give him chocolates, competing to see who he will return his own chocolates too first.

The Electric Tale of Pikachu

Brock x Sabrina

Commonly called MangaShipping, the name originates the basis of any relationship between Brock and Sabrina only occurs within The Electric Tale of Pikachu.

During Haunting My Dreams, Brock says that he and Sabrina are old friends, but upon pressuring from Ash, he responds with "Please don't rub it in like that. I get depressed easily.". The three of them ate dinner together at the Saffron Gym after Ash's gym battle. When Sabrina had to step away to take a telephone call, Ash blushed as he said goodbye. Brock remarks that Ash must have a weakness for cute girls, implying he thinks Sabrina is cute himself. After the death of the Black Fog, Sabrina starts crying and throws herself onto Brock for comfort.

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