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Interactable Pokémon are Pokémon that appear in the overworld and can be interacted with. This feature was introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


This feature is based on a system of "points": a music note reaction is worth 1 point, while a happy face reaction is worth 2 points. Upon interacting with a Pokémon, the player can perform several different actions:

  • Turn to the right
  • Turn to the left
  • Stare at it
  • Play peekaboo!
  • Wave good-bye
  • Change positions

When the player first interacts with a Pokémon, they only have the options to "Turn to the right", "Stare at it", "Wave good-bye" and, "Change positions. Only the former will elicit a positive reaction, which will unlock the remaining two options. When the player interacts with a Pokémon while on a Ride Pokémon, the Pokémon will be curious about the Ride Pokémon and the player won't be able to perform an action.

By alternating turning left and right the player can earn extra reactions by matching the Pokémon. Staring at the Pokémon will give random reactions, while playing peekaboo gives either reaction depending on how long the player waits. The reaction shown when initially interacting with the Pokémon also counts towards the player's total points. When the player accrues 20 points total, the Pokémon will reach its highest state of affection. At this state, playing with the Pokémon by staring at it may additionally cause it to approach the player to be pet.

In addition to these actions, the Pokémon will also have different reactions to the player's movements. When spinning around in a circle, the Pokémon will mimic the player and spin around itself. When the player circles around the Pokémon, it will spin as well. Also, when the player stumbles, the Pokémon will have a question mark reaction. Similar to Walking Pokémon, the Pokémon may also follow the player when they move around, but it will remain within a specific radius.

List of interactable Pokémon

Pokémon Nickname Location Requirements
  Rockruff Rocky Route 1 None
  Slowpoke Iki Town None
  Comfey Hau'oli City's Alola Photo Club None
  Pyukumuku Big Wave Beach None
  Corsola Tide Song Hotel None
  Pikachu (×4) Pikachu Valley None
  Miltank Paniola Ranch None
  Murkrow Royal Avenue None
  Stufful Konikoni City None
  Sandygast Hano Beach None
  Spinda Malie City's Malie Community Center None
  Charjabug Sevenjabug Mt. Hokulani Clear Sophocles's trial
  Togedemaru Togemaru Hokulani Observatory Clear Sophocles's trial
  Magnemite Blush Mountain None
  Mimikyu Route 14 Obtain the Mimikium Z
  Alolan Meowth Route 17 Defeat Team Skull in Po Town
  Oranguru Po Town Defeat Team Skull in Po Town
  Alolan Vulpix Mt. Lanakila Save it from Team Skull in Paniola Town
and visit it afterwards on Route 8
  Dewpider Seafolk Village's restaurant None
  Bewear Battle Tree None
  Starmie Aether Paradise (2F) None
  Pelipper Aether Paradise (1F) None

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