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リーリエ Lilie
Bag Beast Ball SV Sprite.png
Gladion Nihilego.png
Gladion's Nihilego Shiny
Debuts in The Homecoming Crown!
Caught at Crown Tundra
Gender Gender unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Gladion
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Nihilego Unknown Unknown

Lillie (Japanese: リーリエ Lilie) is a Shiny Nihilego owned by Gladion and his family in the anime.


Lillie saving Mohn

Lillie first appeared in The Homecoming Crown!, living with Mohn in the Crown Tundra. In a series of flashbacks, it was shown that when Mohn wound up at the Ultra Deep Sea, Lillie rescued him and took him back to his own world through an Ultra Wormhole. It then used its powers to make Mohn see it as Lillie, and proceeded to live with him in a remote house for years. To avoid Mohn regaining his memories and leaving it, Lillie removed all the mirrors in the house and dirtied the windows, preventing him from seeing his own reflection.

Years later, Mohn's real family found Mohn in the Crown Tundra, unable to remember his real relatives. Lillie tried to prevent them from revealing the truth to Mohn, but ultimately, they ended up being grateful towards it for having rescued Mohn. Even once Mohn had regained his memories, the family still invited Lillie to stay with them and join the family as a second Lillie. It accepted the invitation and was caught by Gladion.

In Helping the Hometown Hero!, during a training session, Lillie expressed an interest in battling. Because of this, Gladion used Lillie in his Battle Royal match against Kiawe's Marowak, Ash's Pikachu, and Professor Kukui's Incineroar. Although Lillie battled hard, it was the first Pokémon to be defeated, getting taken down by Marowak.

Personality and characteristics

Lillie with Gladion's family

Unlike most Nihilego in the anime, Lillie is shown to be very caring, as seen when it rescued Mohn and took care of him during the time they lived in Galar. It is also shown to be very protective, being ready to attack Lillie and Lusamine when it felt they were trying to separate it from Mohn.

Lillie is also shown to have a lonely nature, as it didn't want Mohn to regain his memories, fearing that Mohn would abandon it if he did. In Helping the Hometown Hero!, it showed an interest in battling.

Moves used

Using Venoshock
Move First Used In
Venoshock The Homecoming Crown!
Meteor Beam Helping the Hometown Hero!
Psyshock Helping the Hometown Hero!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Artwork from "After the story"[1]


  • Lillie is the first:
    • Shiny Pokémon in the anime to be caught by a major rival.
    • Ultra Beast to be caught by someone other than a main character.
    • Pokémon caught by a rival onscreen outside of the series they debuted in.
  • Lillie is Gladion's first and only Pokémon that:

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