Welcome to my userpage! Yes, I know this isn't much, but a newer, better userpage is still in the development stage. If you don't know what this means, just check my "Userpage Construction Project Update" down below. It'll provide you with up-to-date information on the status of my new userpage and background information about the project. So, if you want to stay updated, read what's below this and (if you want to) add my userpage to your watchlist to get up-to-the-minute updates about my userpage. Although, there is absolutely no obligation to do so, meaning I let you choose whether you do so or not. Anyway, the construction update progress is shown below. Enjoy my page (as much as you can, because it really isn't very impressive by my standards)! Pikachu9000


In this project of mine, there are two (2) phases. The first phase is for adding usertags and colors to my userpage. The second phase is for adding text outside of the tagbox to my userpage. My userpage layout is based off of MAGNEDETH's userpage, but I will remove all tags, colors, and text, and replace it with my own, only because I don't know enough about wikicode editing to make my own layout. I give full credit to him for the layout, even though I'm changing it completely.

History: Phase 1 of my Userpage Construction Project began on November 22, 2011 after a few failed attempts at making it in previous projects. That is the same project that is underway as of now. I left Bulbapedia for a few weeks to take care of other things in my life, like school, Flipnote Hatena, and other things. During this time, no progress on the project was made, but it was still underway nonetheless. During my Bulbapedia hiatus, I spent time advertising my upcoming userpage on other services that I use. After I returned to Bulbapedia (briefly) on April 18, 2012, I edited my userpage a bit, my talk page some more, some mainspace pages, and then I left Bulbapedia for over 6 months. I was still working on my Userpage, but other things in my like came up that were much more important to me. Eventually I rediscovered the Word document that had my entire Userpage's wikicode and knew that I had to work on it once more, and that brings us to the date of the most recent progress made to my Userpage Construction Project, November 22, 2012. A progress update is shown below. ↓↓↓
Progress Update: As of January 7, 2012, I am in Phase 1 of my Userpage Construction Project. Currently, I am approximately 62% done with Phase 1. Date and Time of Last Userpage wikicode change: Saturday, January 7, 2011 at 4:31 PM (EST). I expect to enter Phase 2 sometime around mid- to late-May, 2012.
Construction Status & Future Plans: Currently, I am still in Phase 1, but it is moving steadily towards Phase 2 without many problems at all. I am still around 62% done, and I am currently adding usertags and such. Once that part of Phase 1 is complete, I will reorganize the tagbox groups, delete the unnecessary and defunct usertags, and then move on to Phase 2. Before I move onto Phase 2, however, I WILL post my userpage to Bulbapedia and make it public. Afterwards, I will add information about me that belongs outside the tagbox area, which is Phase 2's main goal, and perhaps add some of the little boxes outside the tagbox that are shown on MAGNEDETH's userpage. After that is finished, my userpage will be 100% complete and I will make it public, but I will update it every now and again just to keep it updated with my lifestyle. Those updates will not be major updates like this one, but eventually, I might completely rework it to keep "moving with the times," as they say. I will also change some things about the inner workings of my page in order to ensure flawless user operations. But, that's pretty much it. Come back here often for updates (if you want to) and don't forget to READ THE FREAKIN' RULES on my Usertalk page BEFORE POSTING OR EDITING ANYTHING!!!!! Well, I don't want to keep you for too long. I mean, there's an entire Pokémon Encyclopedia to edit! Don't you want to help out with it? Anyway, that' pretty much all I have to say. Now don't just stand there! Get back to editing the wiki! See ya! 〜Pikachu9000 (a.k.a. "N" on Hatena, but without quotes)


Since January, I haven't been working on my Userpage Construction Project at all, and I regret that, but I have good reasoning for that as well: I've recently been doing lots of other stuff on some of my other accounts around the Internet, such as my DeviantArt account, my YouTube Channel, and on Flipnote Hatena as well. So as of yet, I am still ~62% done with Phase 1 of the UCP and I now expect to enter Phase 2 in late June to mid-July, 2012. That is, if I can manage to actually focus on it rather than everything else I've been doing lately. (Man, I'm seriously overworking myself!) Anyway, I'm also trying to get good grades in school so that my parents will let me get a really good gaming mouse and gaming headset that I desperately want. And if you're wondering, the headset's the Razer StarCraft II Banshee and the mouse is the Cyborg R.A.T. 7. But anyway, once I get off of school in late June, it'll be smooth sailing from there! Wish me luck and hope for the best!


Guess what. I'm BACK!!! And I'm still working on my new userpage, despite my activity on BP, or lack thereof. Now, before I get to why I've been away, I'm going to make a HUGE announcement. So that announcement is that I'm going to COMPLETELY restart my Userpage Construction Project that I've been working on for EXACTLY one year today. (Purely a coincidence.) I know, I've come a long way on it, but before Black 2 and White 2 came along, I was almost done with the whole thing! But just after they were released, new tags and colors came along at a rapid pace. At that point, I thought that it would be much easier to restart the whole thing rather than to look for each and every new template out there. So now I'm going to explain why I was gone for so long and what the corn I've been doing in my absence. When I was inactive on Bulbapedia, I made a Facebook page here, a Twitter page here: @N_Studios, I got a 98 on my Algebra final, got the Razer StarCraft II gaming headset I wanted, got out of school, then on July 8, 2012 at ~4:15 PM EDT, my grandma died, I cried my eyes out for the next six hours, then I celebrated my birthday with my family on August 7 and we went to Point Pleasant, NJ (a location currently underwater), I got the Cyborg R.A.T. 7 gaming mouse I wanted (that, along with the Banshee, were both mentioned in my previous journal entry), I went on vacation in Florida and stayed at my aunt's place for a week, I played around with Windows 8 RP, then I played around with Windows 8 RTM, went back to school as a sophomore (10th grade), I preordered Black 2 and White 2, then FedEx got them to me 2 days LATE (the nerve of them!), my brother had his birthday two days later, weeks later came the release of Windows 8 with much anticipation by many, including myself (even though I'm happy to be running Windows 7), then came the hurricane and I was out of power for 11 days, 2 hours, and 20 minutes, after the power was back he broke the screen on my family's other laptop (I create my userpage on my own personal laptop by the way), and that brings us to next weekend, which is the date of my brother's Bar Mitzvah. Also, while I was gone, I did some designing for a few trains, consumer electronics, Operating Systems, and most of my pieces on my deviantART page at this location, and I, for one, think that pretty much all of them came out pretty well. And that's saying something, especially due to the fact that I have high standards. And, well, that's about it. So until my next update, I'll be working on my userpage far more often than I have been, even though I really should be playing Black 2 and White 2 in order to complete their storylines. But I'll get around to it. I will finish them sooner or later, I can promise myself that. But until the time I get around to playing them, I'll be on my laptop, usually working on my userpage. And speaking of my userpage, the background of my page shown now will be in the final release version of my page, and I honestly feel that it's easier for me to read light text on a dark background than vice versa, so I made it that way on my userpage because I'm the one who uses it the most, so leave your feedback on my talk page to share your opinion with me if you feel like it. I really appreciate it! So, until next time, farewell!

Ambiguously yours,

~ N Studios(aka Pikachu9000)