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Eastern Goldfinch

Joined 29 November 2018
SugimoriDiveBall.png This user's favorite ball is the Dive Ball.
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My favourite music


Some are present in RS as well:

  • Title credits
  • Prof. Birch intro music, which repeats in some land routes of eastern Hoenn
  • Wild Pokémon battles
  • Gyms (overworld) - I think this would be everyone's fave
  • Gym Leader battle
  • Gym leader battle conclusion (drumbeats)
  • Route 115
  • Grunt battle
  • Boss battle
  • Mt. Pyre indoor, especially its ending tunes - recommended for someone feeling sad
  • Rival battle
  • Victory Road
  • Elite Four battles


  • Indigo Plateau outdoor


  • Only 1 route's music is what I can remember. Will soon find it out!