When one life meets another life, something new is born

This is my all time favourite quote from DP040, even though Barry called it meaningless. I like it anyway and its a true line.

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My favourite music


Some are present in RS as well:

  • Title credits
  • Prof. Birch intro music, which repeats in some land routes of eastern Hoenn
  • Wild Pokémon battles
  • Gyms (overworld) - I think this would be everyone's fave
  • Gym Leader battle
  • Gym leader battle conclusion (drumbeats)
  • All wild routes around Rustboro City - will find their numbers.
  • Spinda's volcanic ash route
  • Route 115
  • Grunt battle
  • Boss battle
  • Mt. Pyre indoor, especially its ending tunes - recommended for someone feeling sad
  • Rival battle
  • Sootopolis City music and Ever Grande City music is also adorable. i wish the cutely named Ever Grande had a few more bildings!
  • Victory Road
  • Elite Four battles
  • Some parts of Battle Frontier

Music that is why I love Hoenn most ampong all regions. I like the Kyogre-Groudon story as well.


  • The Underground Paths - it is also found in many Kanto/Johto/Sinnoh episode starts
  • Indigo Plateau outdoor


  • Only 1 route's music is what I can remember. Will soon find it out! It was near or in the Valley Windworks.


  • Trainer battles. I guess nothing from all of Johto ever comes close to this one.
  • Team Rocket battles
  • Violet City: Pokémon menu
  • Olivine City: Berry Pots
  • Johto Route 33: Berry Pots/Fly map
  • to East of Mahogany Town: Pokémon menu (I think this music is in other games ad maybe anime)
  • Elite 4 and Champion overworld is also niceee...

Faovurite gym leader

Nimbasa Gym! I like the whole city and its adventures in fact.

My favourite anime scenes

  • From Kanto, I would say, way too many to list.
  • I think mother Lugia screaming inside her cage in A Promise is a Promise was the most representative and unforgettable scene of the entire Johto arc.
  • When Xatu faints by seeing Jessie's past. The whole episode was a good lesson about prophecies. I guess Xatus were one great concept in the Johto Pokedex coz they can see the past with one eye and the future with the other eye.
  • Another fave scene is from Sinnoh, when James's Carnivine stares and decides to learn Vine Whip.

Not liked much:

  • I think all of May's contest episodes looked too similar to each other. Cant even remember which story is in which one!

My expectations

Hw I wish arcs like the St. Anne cruise, Lugia, Kyogre vs. Groudon etc were one or two episodes longer. There was room for this. So much was happening in each arc. They were exciting with cliffhanger endings.

I wish Do I Hear a Ralts? had a mecha. It would be fun to see how Kirlia and Gardevoir battle it.

My plan

An article I am planning is User:Eastern Goldfinch/Architecture of the Pokémon world

Random things I like


I love use of Trick Room. Love at first use! Empoleon is a big letdown however, not what i expected from Water starters.

I like Bulbapedia's coverage of things like Size discrepancies in the Pokémon anime. I grew up watching such things like Forretress who are always smaller on TV than in the Pokédex!

I like Hoenn game shots and TCG more than Hoenn anime screenshots!

The entire Princess story and art in the Togekiss debut episode.

  • The Kalos friends of Ash get boring from time to time, except maybe Bonnie.