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About Me

Welcome to my userspace. If the great big title at the top of the page didn't give it away, I'm Cipher. However, much like the fictional superheroes of yesteryear - and, indeed, this year and next - that isn't my real name. I'm kinda like Superman, except my name isn't Clark Kent and being Cipher isn't my real identity or my purpose for being. As well as that, unlike most superheroes, I won't be around forever.

Indeed, my time here on the Bulbapedia came to a close on February 5, 2009, little more than 21 months after my first mainspace contribution as a regular user back on April 28, 2007 (though I'd previously made a single edit on July 27, 2006).

Why I Left

It's nothing personal against this place or any of the editors. The Bulbapedia is a wonderful place and one I will no doubt continue to use as a resource whenever the need arises, and the editors I've worked with are all amazing. I really will miss working on here. For several weeks, though, I've had a feeling that if I don't go now, I never will. As someone who finds it difficult to stick with something in the long term, the latter option is something I don't think is right.

Staying any longer than I feel needed is pretty pointless, and I do feel that what that I do, there are editors who do it better, be it writing articles, creating card pages, or visual and infobox styles. That's not a bad thing at all - of course it isn't - if anything, it's a really good thing to be able to say. I came here with motivation, wanting to put my wiki skills to the test. The motivation is still mostly there, but my skills have pretty much flatlined, and where that isn't the case, they've waned. This is how I know it's the right time for me to go.

In other cases in the past, and no doubt it would happen at times in the future as well, I've perhaps not agreed with or been against the way someone does something when I've wanted to do it my own way. I'm a perfectionist, which is pretty annoying. However, looking back at everything I've disagreed with, it's beneficial. People using their style, be it either traditional or more modern, is better than me coming in and wanting to use my own style. That isn't beneficial to the Bulbapedia at all and I don't believe that to be fair, hence my decision.

Working on the TCG has been absolutely wonderful, and whereas I have worked with a lot of editors over my nearly-two-years here, a few in particular have stood out to me. I don't want to name names as I wouldn't want anyone to feel left out, but you should know who you are.

My last few words (Forme and LV.X aside) have to be that I do hope the Bulbapedia will be, someday, as complete as it can possibly be, and I wish for the very best for Project TCG and all those who work on it. It's been an honour and a privilege.

Thanks all. =)