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Cai was born in 1989, in the great state of Texas, in the capital, "Austin". Cai grew up on video games, obtaining his first console (The Super Ninendo, or SNES) when he was only 2. His father fueled his love for video games, and technology further by allowing him to buy more games, and more systems. When Cai was 7, he recieved a video in the mail from Nintendo Power, about an upcoming Phenomenon called "Pokemon". He looked forward to it, and told his friends all about it. As it came out, he and his best friend played, and played, and the series grew in popularity. Cai continued to play until he was ten, and stopped playing with Gold. It wasn't until he was Sixteen, and in highschool, He bought Sapphire, after playing a copy of his cousins game of Ruby. Cai enjoyed it, and continued. Over the years, he grew back into being a fan of the series, and now, plays Pokemon Diamond whenever he has free time. Cai fancies himself a Pokemon Breeder, and will commonly have three boxes FULL of eggs.


  • Cai's real name is the same as a Superhero.
  • Cai plays the Bass Guitar, His current Bass is a Black Yamaha RBX-170
  • Cai enjoys Punk Music.
  • Cai's favorite non-portable system is the Xbox-360
  • Cai's username comes from a Welsh Myth.
  • Cai has a Conservative view on life, and blasts commies daily, with his hand-cannon. *Nod*
  • Cai is a Christian, and doesn't care what you think of it!

Pokemon Trivia

  • Cai names his Ghost Pokemon after Punk Musicians.
  • Cai's Mismagius was a gift from a Japanese Friend.
  • Cai -hates- Poison types. (Except for Gengar Of course)
  • Cai's starter Pokemon are always Grass.

Current Battle Team

Unneeded Information

  • Cai considers PokeRUS the sexiest thing around.
  • Cai thinks Ditto needs to pick a pokemon, settle down, and have a family.