Hello My name is Ritaya Moriarty, and I am originally from Uganda. I am the sister of voice actress Annice Moriarty, who has done voice acting for pokemon. Since I began my investigations into the Kether Donohue myth, I actually grew a stronger liking for Pokemon.

My favorite pokemon is Litwick, and my favorite region is [Kalos]]. Appart from Annie, my favorite anime voice actors are Eileen Stevens, Veronica Taylor and Marc Thompson. I am still learning much about Pokemon but I binge watch seasons of the anime now in English, and hope once in a while when I have time, I can put in stuff I notice.


My fortes are music and voice acting, as both are dreams of mine and occupations of my sister, so I pay attention to details about that. I however have never played a Pokemon game nor have I used the TCG cards before, so most of my knowledge comes either from the anime or a couple spin-off games.