Unnamed island (BW137)

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Unnamed Island
Unnamed Island BW137.png
Unnamed Island
Region Decolore Islands
Debut Celebrating the Hero's Comet!

This unnamed island is the fourteenth island that Ash and his friends visited during their travels through the Decolore Islands. It was featured in Celebrating the Hero's Comet!.

The group stumbled upon some ruins beyond the island's main township and port. Alexa explained that a group of Ghost-type Pokémon wreaked havoc on the town long ago. Conley, a man from faraway, saved the townspeople from more chaos after he led the rogue Pokémon atop the island's mountain. Upon his arrival at the summit, Conley pointed to the sky as a comet appeared overhead. The scene shocked the Ghost Pokémon, as they believed he had the ability to determine when exactly the comet was going to pass by.

As a result, the Pokémon grew to respect Conley and peace was restored to the island. In honor of Conley's deeds, he became revered as the island's guardian, and the comet was named after him. Afterwards, Conley gained a reputation as an unbeatable Trainer, and a colosseum was built atop the mountain to host all of his challengers.

As the years passed, the Ghost Pokémon remained loyal to Conley, eventually attacking after Team Rocket knocked over his statue. After Cilan and James placed the statue back on its base, it opened up a sealed doorway and the statue slid into the colosseum's battlefield. The battle colosseum remains in a perfect state, with wall murals still intact. The Ghost Pokémon performed their comet dance after seeing Conley's comet fly overhead.

After the night's events, Alexa found that her footage was all static and Ash's amulet was gone.

Pokémon seen on the island

Banette (×3)
Dusknoir (×2)
Gengar (×3)
Woobat (multiple)
Venipede (multiple)

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