Universal Studios Japan

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Universal Studios Japan is a theme park located in Osaka, Japan, operated by USJ, LLC., a fully-owned subsidiary of NBCUniversal. The park features many attractions and entertainment opportunities based on Universal IPs as well as third-party franchisees. The partnership between USJ, LLC and The Pokémon Company was announced on October 6, 2021.[1]

NO LIMIT! Parade

The NO LIMIT! Parade is the first project from the partnership to include Pokémon characters. It was originally scheduled to premiere in the Spring of 2022, before being pushed back to Fall 2022 and then to Spring 2023, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The parade soft-opened on February 27, 2023, before fully opening on March 1, 2023. The parade focuses on different kinds of music used all throughout the decades and is represented through themed floats starring characters from the park, ranging from Hello Kitty and the Minions to characters from Sesame Street, Sing and Peanuts. During the route, the floats may stop and the performers will get together for a dance party, featuring confetti cannons and bubble machines.

The Pokémon unit, in addition to the preceding Mario Kart unit, is the headliner of the parade and the last float to appear. The unit depicts a large disco party that various Pokémon are attending. The unit is led by performers holding large Ho-Oh and Lugia puppets and performers holding smaller Chatot, Croagunk, Spinda, Pom-Pom Style Oricorio, Loudred and Grookey puppets.

The float itself is made out of Poké Balls with the main portion that showcases the lights being produced out of one half of one. The front features Pikachu dancing away, with two performers holding Bulbasaur and Squirtle puppets. All over the float are statues of other Pokémon, featuring Smeargle, Gengar, Rowlet, Electrode, Scorbunny, Bellossom, Jigglypuff, Drifloon, Charizard and Mew. A large Charizard statue surrounds the unit, and can swing its wings and emit smoke from its mouth.

Merchandise and Food

To coincide with the opening of the NO LIMIT! Parade, USJ added various food items and merchandise to the park. Food opportunities includes a Squirtle Churro and a Bulbasaur sipper bottle, while merchandise includes Pikachu-themed hooded T-shirts and plushes.