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US-centric POV

Early this morning, I reverted an edit by Diablo del Oeste from a few months ago, which added a lot of seemingly non-noteworthy information, and US-centric POV "milestones". Magnedeth claimed that before making such a massive change, I should discuss it first, ignoring the fact that the original edit was in and of itself a massive enough change that it too should have been discussed prior.

As I stated in the edit summary, the information added is heavily weighed towards the US, and not treated internationally. The "milestones" added are arbitrary (such as "It was the first time an USA player would win the 3° place"), non-noteworthy and only focus on US players. Also, there is no need for results to be posted on this page, as the results themselves are already on the dedicated World Championship articles (e.g. 2011 World Championships), so each particular section should just contain a hatlink to the relevant year's article. TheChrisD RantsEdits 15:07, 3 December 2012 (UTC)

Gen V Online Rules?

Why is the only option for online play Flat Rules or No Rules when playing with friends in BW2? Generation 4 had all kinds of options, it would be nice to be able to have flat level 50 or 100 play with no other restrictions? I mean, I want to play with my buddy, but most of his pokes are in their fifties and mine are in my nineties... we want to even the odds without reducing us to 3 Pokes or not allowing his event Meleotta and stuff, which I have no issue with... why bother making a rules list if there is only one ruleset on it? Is there a way to unlock more rules than flat rules? Nokota (talk) 08:59, 14 July 2013 (UTC)

Nintendo Cup 2000

The article currently states that the Nintendo Cup 2000 in Japan was played using Gold and Silver cartridges. I don't think this is accurate because it says they played with Freeze Clause, which is only available on Pokemon Stadium 2. Further, there is a video which I am led to believe is from the actual tournament here:

However, I don't feel comfortable editing the page because apart from these reasons, I don't have much information about the tournament. I am also very new to editing Wikis as well as having just joined the site a few minutes ago. If anyone could clarify why this edit ( ) changed the text from "the Generation II games" to "Gold and Silver", or if there is information about this tournament somewhere out there, it would be much appreciated, as this potentially false information was used to make decisions about rules on Smogon. Lotuspirate (talk) 07:21, 8 September 2019 (UTC)

Your video says something like "2000 Japan National Championships" in the description. I'm not sure that is Nintendo Cup 2000.
What I found is this. The rules at the bottom say allowed cartridges are RGBYGS, and the event started in Nov 2000, before Stadium 2 was released in Japan. (Note that the page is located under /n64/ for some reason.)
Also, according to the Japanese wiki, "Nintendo Cup" mode in Stadium 2 seems to use Nintendo Cup 2000 rules. I hope that helps!? Nescientist (talk) 10:30, 8 September 2019 (UTC)
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