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In the anime
==In the anime==
[[File:Ambipom Party Seal.png|thumb|220px|{{TP|Dawn|Ambipom}} sent out with a Party Seal]]
[[File:Dawn buying Seals.png|thumb|left|220px|Dawn buying Seals]]
In the [[Pokémon anime]], Seals were featured for the first time in ''[[DP011|Mounting a Coordinator Assault!]]''. In this [[canon]], Seals are commonly used during [[Pokémon Contest]]s in the [[Sinnoh]] [[region]]. In contrast with the {{pkmn|games}}, where multiple Seals at a time can be attached to a [[Ball Capsule]], only one Seal is used per Ball Capsule in the anime.
[[Pokémon Coordinator]]s use Seals to make the entrance of their {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} more attractive, since it is important to leave an impression when the Pokémon is sent out of its [[Poké Ball]]. Additionally, the use of Seals is often commented on by [[Raoul Contesta|the]] [[Mr. Sukizo|Contest]] [[Nurse Joy|judges]], as they start forming opinions from the very beginning of a [[Appeal|performance]] or [[Contest Battle|battle]].
A few Seals are supplied when a Coordinator registers for a [[Contest Pass]], and additional Seals can be bought at shops or markets. In ''[[DP113|Hold the Phione!]]'', {{an|Dawn}} was seen buying new Seals for {{cat|Dawn's Pokémon|her Pokémon}} at a store[[Poké Mart]] in [[Chocovine Town]].
All of the ten types of Seals sold at the [[Sunyshore Market]] in the games were featured over the course of the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}}. For a collection of images showing Seals and their effects in the anime, please see [[a:Category:Seals|Seals]] on the [[Bulbagarden Archives]].
==In the manga==
[[File:Platinum Prinplup Seals.png|thumb|220px|{{TP|Platinum|Prinplup}} sent out with Alphabet Seals]]