Mikuri (IRL: Diego) is a recurring contributor in both the pedia and the Archives. He is a Brazilian guy who first appeared on August 6, 2011. He can also be found on the forums, where he regularly writes walls in the Pokémon Anime and Manga section, usually complaining about something he dislikes.


Mikuri joined Bulbapedia on August 6, 2011, a time in which the majority of his edits consisted of adding names of Brazilian voice actors and interwiki links to the now defunct LANDpedia. Later that year, on November 14, he joined the forums in hopes of improving his English. In March of the following year, he started doing bigger edits to Bulbapedia as he felt his English was half decent.

Some time after that he became a member of Project Anime, editing the articles of main characters and their Pokémon, as well as improving pages of anime-exclusive Pokémon competitions and locations. He also helped with game-related content, and in July he was invited to join the staff as a Junior Administrator to help with the Japanese release of Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2.

Mikuri did not enjoy the Generation V core series games as much as their predecessors, and he hated pretty much everything about the Best Wishes series, especially its female lead. As a result, his contributions dropped significantly. However, he continued editing pages of old anime characters he likes and fixing a thing or two here and there.

Fortunately[for whom?], the Generation VI games and the XY series brought him back, and Mikuri was seen editing episode pages, adding anime sections to locations where Pokémon Showcases were held, trimming overly detailed sections of both human and Pokémon characters, among other things.

In the tail end of 2016, Mikuri made edits to pages of characters appearing in Pokémon Generations and, with the arrival of Generation VII, he helped with the release of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon and the start of the Sun & Moon series. Nowadays he is around editing whenever he can.


Mikuri is often among the top contributors of the month, but he doesn't really care. He knows anyone can get there with edits that were undone and he thinks it encourages people to focus on quantity instead of quality. He would rather have the Golden Bulbasaur Award back as he loves award shows. He also thinks having a "pages which I started" section on user pages is a bad thing, as there are users who create pages with little to no information just to expand their list.

Mikuri is a big fan of the Pokémon anime, having watched it since he was a little kid. It was the anime that introduced him to the franchise and he still watches its episodes and movies to this day. The Diamond & Pearl series is undoubtedly his favorite anime series and Dawn is his favorite anime character.

The first game he played was Pokémon Ruby Version and he fell in love with the Hoenn region and the Pokémon found there. His favorite Pokémon is Delcatty and he usually catches Pokémon for their look. He does not play competitively and he could not care less about individual and effort values.

Mikuri loves Pokémon Contests and was overjoyed to enter them again in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. Winning against the Wallace in a Master Rank Beauty Contest was... Glorious!


Language Name Origin
Fandom Mikuri From Wallace's Japanese name
Real life Diego From his parents

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