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|ja=石塚運昇 ''[[Unshō Ishizuka]]''
|en=[[H.D. Quinn]]
|es_eu=Paco Gisbert
|pl=Jakub Szydłowski}}
* Turner's design is based on the {{tc|Butler}} [[Trainer class]] from {{pkmn|X and Y}}. More specifically, Turner is based off the butler who welcomes the {{player}} and gives them information about the Battle Chateau and its ranks.
** In the Battle Chateau, there is a Duke named Turner who has appearance of a Butler, but his Japanese name is ワリミズ ''Warimizu''. In the Japanese version, Ikkon is also the name of a Duke, but he has the appearance of a {{tc|Monsieur}} and his English name is '''Hennessy'''.
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