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Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon
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Night of a Thousand Poses!
SM048   EP987
Full Force Pose at the Sleepover!
First broadcast
Japan November 2, 2017
United States March 28, 2018
English themes
Opening Under The Alolan Moon
Japanese themes
Opening アローラ!!
Ending ポーズ
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 宮田由佳 Yuka Miyata
Storyboard 榎本守 Mamoru Enomoto
Assistant director 榎本守 Mamoru Enomoto
Animation directors 小林ゆかり Yukari Kobayashi
田之上慎 Shin Tanoue
渡部裕子 Yūko Watanabe
No additional credits are available at this time.

Night of a Thousand Poses! (Japanese: ゼンリョクポーズでお泊まり会! Full Force Pose at the Sleepover!) is the 48th episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon, and the 987th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on November 2, 2017, in New Zealand on March 1, 2018, and in the United States on March 28, 2018.

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Our heroes are having a sleepover at Professor Kukui’s house, and Professor Burnet agrees to join them! Everyone has a good time, but there are a couple of hiccups: during a game of Z-Move poses, Kiawe accidentally unleashes Turtonator’s Inferno Overdrive in the living room, and then Professor Burnet’s Munchlax eats everything she cooked for dinner!

That night, when Lillie has trouble sleeping, she talks with Professor Burnet, who offers some advice about her family. The next day, Nebby unexpectedly whisks her away to visit her brother—and his partner, the mysterious Silvally, who leaves her terrified and apparently unable to touch Pokémon again!


At Lillie's mansion, she and Snowy are eating breakfast when Hobbes starts filming her, the former not being happy to learn that Lusamine asked Hobbes to film her. During a conversation with Lusamine, her phone rings and Lillie becomes annoyed at her for being distracted with work, and leaves for a walk. Over at Professor Kukui's house, while Professor Burnet finishes her tests on Nebby, Ash opens the door to his classmates who have come for a sleepover. They ask Professor Burnet to stay and join them for their sleepover, which she accepts. They decide to have a contest to choose who will sleep in the loft where Ash usually sleeps, the contest being that the first team to find and catch Nebby wins. However, Nebby proves hard to find, as it keeps using Teleport whenever it's spotted, but eventually, Lillie finds Nebby under her hat, which means the girls have won and they can sleep in the loft.

After deciding where everyone sleeps, everyone decides to play another game. Rotom Pokédex has a slot machine function, and after every spin, the icons indicate which Z-Move pose to act out. The game continues with players losing if they fail to make the correct poses, or fail to say the name of the Z-Move in case all the shown symbols are the same. The game soon ends when Kiawe and Turtonator accidentally unleash Inferno Overdrive. After cleaning up, Professor Burnet starts on dinner with Lillie, Ash, and Mallow helping out. After the room has been tidied up, the others decide to watch TV, but start arguing over what to watch before deciding on Pokémon Base. Dinner is soon ready, but before anyone can even react, Burnet's Munchlax eats all of it. Whilst Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet are out getting more food, Ash and friends head out to do some training on the beach.

Soon, Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet arrive home and prepare the new food. Before going to bed, they all talk about their families, which leaves Lillie thinking about Lusamine and Gladion. When everyone goes to sleep, Lillie has trouble sleeping, so she heads out to the beach with Snowy and is later joined by Professor Burnet. They discuss Lusamine's time-consuming workload and Professor Burnet assures Lillie that Lusamine is thinking about her all the time.

The next morning, Ash accompanies his classmates as they head home. Lillie thinks to herself that she wishes she could speak with Gladion, causing Nebby to teleport her to a cave where she encounters him. Their meeting is interrupted when Type: Null senses danger and jumps toward Lillie, causing her to recall past memories of Silvally jumping at her as a child. Lillie becomes frightened and before Gladion can reach Lillie, Nebby teleports Lillie back to the others. When she comes back, Lillie and the group notice she can no longer touch any Pokémon, not even Snowy.

Later, back at Professor Kukui's house, Rotom Pokédex is seen practicing the poses, while Ash eats curry. The curry is too spicy for Ash, causing him to guzzle down water, shouting "Water! Water! Fyaaah!" Rotom Pokédex does the pose for Water, but doesn't know what pose it's supposed to do for "Fyaaah!"

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Who's That Pokémon?: Steenee (US and international), Munchlax (Japan)



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